Are Bosch Dishwashers Any Good?

Are Bosch dishwashers any good? Back in 2013, about sixty percent of the top picks in Consumer Reports were Bosch dishwashers. That’s an incredible ratio. After all, there are other brands like GE, Kenmore, Whirlpool and such. Bosch likes to                   build     hidden
Bosch dishwashers are smaller than most American models.

Some people complain you can’t fit in all the dishes in one load. Then again, they can fit under the counter, which some design conscious people like.

the spraying

Bosch dishwashers have very flexible racks. current dishwasher
You can put things in almost any which way.

Bosch likes to build hidden controls, as if that’s somehow an affront to a device that eliminates that pile of dirty dishes in the sink. The Bosch SHV7ER53UC is panel ready. Well, it actually looks like a wood panel.
That’s what panel ready means.

But I don’t think it is worth a few hundred dollars more to have a barely functional dishwasher that is invisible. Bosch dishwashers are quite functional. The Bosch speed wash cycle takes half an hour off the cycle time while using less water and power. cost          of
I think that’s called the speed wash on my current dishwasher.
It can rinse off a plate about as well as my dog can lick it clean.

Bosch’s speed clean can get even caked on grease and grime.
Oh, man, I sound like a dishwasher soap commercial.
A speed clean that is actually decent is respectable. The yearly estimated operating cost of a Bosch is lower than average. That’s a little better than their refrigerators which have a high failure rate and cost a small fortune to repair.

Their dishwashers have a middling quality reputation. For example, the spraying arm can get clogged. I like the hidden heating element.

I’m less likely to have plastic bowls and baby bottles melt upon contact with it. Oh, another bad smell to blame on the baby.