Bosch Dishwasher How to Use | Adjust Dishwasher Rack Height | Open Filter | 2020

The Bosch 300 series dishwasher gives a quiet sound of 44 decibels and comes with lots of loading capacity stick with me while I explain you its features. So you have a lower rack an upper rack and this is probably the most loved feature about the machine is it comes with a third rack which is nice and slim for all your cutlery. On the upper rack you have these two supports that you can just pull down until it clicks into place so you’ll use these if you have any long stem glasses that you need to support so you also have these folding tines that you just stand them up if you want to add on some glasses or some bottles or you just lay them down if you want to just add some bowls on top of it if you don’t need to use them and they’re on both the top and the bottom racks. The lower rack also has a removable silverware basket so you can just pull it out if you need to add more dishes and you can just flip the top open if you you need to add in a lot of cutlery in there and you don’t want to get it into the tiny holes.

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So the upper rack can be adjusted to three height levels and you’ll do that by either pulling up the basket or pressing on the lever so if I just explain you how it works is that if you look inside here there is a little hook on either side and this will be the first level this will be the second level and this will be the third level as you move the basket up and down this hook should latch underneath this rim and that will secure it into the second position pull it up again and then they’ll secure it into the third position when you want to lower it you’ll press the lever inwards so that the hook pops out and then the basket will just slide down.

So it comes with five preset wash cycles.

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Heavy, Auto Normal, Speed60 and Rinse.
If I go back to the Speed60 here I’m just going to explain you that this should actually be for one hour which is why it’s Speed60.
Mine is explaining 1.10 because if you see I have a light on if you see this red dot it’s telling me my rinse aid indicator light is explaining on so because I have no rinse aid in there at the moment it’s hided on a little extra time so it’s always better to add some rinse aid to the machine and on your other side you have some options that you can add on. Mine is
So you have Delay.

So one hour, two hour, three hour up to 24 hours and then you have HalfLoad, you have Sanitize, you have ExtraDry and ExtraScrub and each option will just keep on adding more time to the cycle and then your start button.
So on the inside of the dishwasher you’ll see a vent hole on the left side.
You’ll have your detergent dispenser and also your rinse aid dispenser.

And down here you’ll have your filter so you’ll just twist it to open it up and you can see mine is due for a clean right now and then once it’s all clean just pop it back in and twist it to close it. so when you switch on the dishwasher this red light will be flashing because it’s so quiet that you don’t realize that it’s actually on it’s doing its thing it’s sensing the dishes and it’s probably bringing the water temperature up and then once it does start making a sound the light will just get static and I’m gonna go right up against it give you guys a quick listen so you can see it’s not very loud at all so the machine uses condensation drying so there’s no heating element at the bottom which would cause plastics to melt so it’s much safer to put these on the lower rack and since there’s no fan bringing in external air it’s a much hygienic way to dry the dishes so you can see the dishes are completely dry we’ve been using this machine for about a year now and we so far we haven’t had any issues with it. Thank you guys for reading please don’t forget to give this article a Like and hit the Subscribe button and also check out my other articles too