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Magic Chef Portable Washer Basic Info

Hello! Are you interested in getting a portable washer? This is a short article on the basics of the Magic Chef portable washe, Model number MCSTCW16W4. I ordered this portable washer from Walmart. It arrived in less than a week from the date ordered. I used the site-to-store shipping because it would be easier to […]

The Best Clock Repair Parts

To get the parts necessary to achieve the best fit, you often have to choose among a variety of “closest fit” options. For example, if the hand shaft is too long, it’s common to “shim” clock movement back into a case with a few washers over the hand shaft. It’s also common and acceptable to […]

How to Diagnose Washer Dryer Drying Problems

Hi I’m Mat from In this article I’ll be helping you diagnose dryer problems with your washer dryer. Now the machine we using for this is a Hoover washer/dryer, but the process to be very similar for most makes amp; manufacturers. Now if you have a problem with a washer dryer that isn’t about […]