Dash Egg Cooker any good? Steam Eggs 3 Ways

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Chef Buck here and we’re gonna try kitchen gadget the Dash rapid any cooker camera girl and I are staying at an Airbnb I found this in the closet which is the Dash rapid egg cooker and I pulled this out of closet I thought this thing looks so stupid I’m gonna make it Dener what it’s a kid I got in trouble for saying that word yes word when I was a kid the S word was a different right I don’t think this thing has been used wasn’t in a box or anything but it’s got the paper in here like the papers in this cuff it’s got the instruction book yeah what’s the objective what do you mean what’s the objective it’s a rapping egg cooker oh okay cooked kragg’s oh okay but anyway because I’m older because I’m the tour I’m going let’s just say you’re older yeah I’m going to take the time and read this book when life turns off eggs will be published you know looking at the instructions it doesn’t seem overly wrap it I mean it just seems like you’re steaming eggs eggs I mean you can hook a egg on a hot sidewalk you can cook you can look at an egg hard and it will cook this is kind of a plasticy body it actually feels kind of sturdy it’s got this little doohickey here with egg shape to trip with your eggs in it’s got this I guess a handle that goes on here boom boom I don’t know if we’ll use that you can poach your eggs and then you can use this here to make omelets it’s got this little cup for measuring your water hard medium soft so you will fill up this cup with the amount of water like if we only fill it that far that’ll be just enough water to steam them softly if you put this much water in there then it’ll be enough water to steam them to a hard boil cuz we’re gonna be in this Airbnb for a while so I’ll boil up a bunch of eggs and then we’ll have them for sounds and whatnot don’t you want the handle in there so that you can pull it out once it’s finished steaming yeah I guess but I mean I’m going to take the eggs out and put them in a cold bath after it finished boiling because that way it’ll make it easier to peel all these that’s how I’ve always done and I don’t know why the rules of science would apply any differently I’ll put the handle on here but I’m not sure if we’re gonna use it so then it becomes like an egg lifter carousel air lifter egg lifter so we’ll give it a try all right so I’m gonna take my base over here and put it on the kitchen counter and I’m going to fill up my little water container to the hard line so we just want to use that much water boomer poured in our base that should be enough water to steam our eggs put our little doohickey in here waffle that fits over the handle now we got to put our eggs in here but we need to punch a hole in them first ha on the bottom of this here’s a little pin a little needle and so we want to pierce you know like you have a narrow end of the egg and then you have a fatter round end we want to pierce a hole in the top of the fat round in I can do this I’m breaking it so it’ll make a little hole and then that way it won’t explode I guess while it’s steaming so we want to do that to each of our eggs I guess reading the manual help would have done that if I hadn’t read the manual sure this is pretty easy to do you just have to believe in yourself whatever and so you want to put it with the little hole end with the little peer stand up and the smaller round then on the bottom see I cracked this one a little bit putting the hole in there we’ll see how that works ayane so we’ve got our tray all filled up so I’ll go ahead and throw my dome on here boom plug it in oops it’s already on see what happens I guess we sit around here and wait all right I got a stopwatch set so it’s already been going for almost a minute so we’ll see how long it takes until these eggs are ready all right boom it has been 16 minutes almost 17 minutes and the light has gone off so they should be ready hoops is here ones cracked I wonder if that’s the one that I had the little hole in but we’re in an air Bamp;B and I just checked the freezer and there’s no ice cubes in there so I just got a big pot of cold water and hopefully that’ll cool them down and make them a little easier to peel and we’ll just leave these for later see all the water has evaporated really I mean anyway we’ll use this here as a base oh you want to use all the attachments yeah yeah yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna try we’re gonna do everything you’re supposed to do okay so now you’re supposed to be able to do an omelet I mean how you gonna do an omelet I mean this is a little plastic doohickey tell me you’re just gonna put in a scrambled egg we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna mix up an egg and put some stuff in there we’ll call it an omelet I guess but it says to spray this so we’ll go ahead and spray it so we got our little tray sprayed up now for an omelet we want to fill our our little doohickey up to the medium one and I’m gonna make a two egg omelet add a little bit of salt in here a little bit of pepper so I got some little leftover bacon then I’m gonna throw in here I got some raw green onion that‘ll be a nice flavor then I got some cheese just sliced it thinly boom go ahead and pour this in my doohickey over here let me do it over the sink so I don’t make too big a mess alrighty that looks like some potentially omelet goodness I’ll take my medium amount of water pour it in there cover it up with our dome and we’ll hit the button our light came on let’s see how long it takes to steam up in a medium amount of water set your timer sir we’ll go ahead and get it out of here I mean well we could have done this in a skillet quicker than that skill it takes up more rooms and this little guy in a stove well that’s true Wow so that’s a pretty well formed omelet thingamabob looks sort of like a frittata that was pretty easy peasy so what else do we want to do we got one more doohickey here it is to be a poached egg thing so let’s try that here come over here so you want we want to fill this up to medium just like we did for the Amla because the amount of water that you use determines the cooking time for the hard-boiled egg we put more water in here so it takes longer for the water to steam off and as soon as the water steams off the machine turns off so the amount of water determines the cooking time just like we did with the omelette tray we’re gonna spray this here with a little bit of water we’ll just crack a couple of eggs one on each side and well I had a medium amount of water throw our eggs on top of here boom itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny dome will hit the power button we’ll see how long it takes it to poach these eggs oh oh here while that’s going on let’s go ahead and peel one of these eggs and see what it looks like so I’ll give it a crack and then we’ll just peel it in the water here because eggs are easier to peel the water so it’s called a rapid egg doohickey but it’s not really all that rapid let’s take a look at it but I mean it made a perfect egg of the shell came off very easily boom boom boom and it’s a nice beautiful yellow yolk that’s the thing when you’re boiling an egg you just want to make sure it’s not green around the edges that means it’s overcooked so to get a sulphur II taste so we’ve got like five of these eggs left and we’ll have these for making some egg salad or putting in us out or something yeah she’s the queen of salt so I’ll put a little salt on her scoops burn myself on that steamer there’s a little hole over here where the steam coming up watch out for this steam hole and don’t point with it yeah don’t point it your steam hole all right there you go I think I lost nuts over your salt over there you can see these eggs are poaching away steam in a way keep an eye on the light and see when the light goes off be careful with the steam go ahead and unplug it so they seem kind of wet well that’s okay poached eggs are kind of wet let’s see how they slide out of here boom come on with your camera girl have some breakfast try these out so I’ll go ahead and give you what looks like the least poached one Oh boom boom and I’ll take this other one over here oh it actually doesn’t look too bad on the bottom the yolk is still kind of running back don’t pierce it boom boom boom so yeah it’s a very runny yolk a little omelette we made looks pretty good it tastes really good because I put salt and pepper in there we got another boiled egg so that’s the three ways that you can use this rapid egg thing so you can poach an egg you can make an egg scramble omelet type thing or you can make a hard-boiled egg and it’s very easy to use so I give it a thumbs up I guess fun for the kids as long as they don’t put their fingers over them for the steam hole yeah when I was looking at the one on Amazon said I had an alarm on it that went off this one I’m using doesn’t have an alarm so maybe it’s an older model but if you want to check it out you can check it out down below you know it worked fine if you’re on an all egg diet you don’t want to cook anything else if you never want to cook anything but an egg it’s perfect for cooking an egg this is a rapid egg cooker right over here if you want to wrap an egg cooker there you go you know this is an egg steamer but anyway it’s an interesting conversation piece it certainly made this morning go by pretty quick beer does that too until it slows things now time for your nap yeah well thanks for reading our articles you know thanks for subscribing checking things out and really appreciated there’s some links down below if you want to check them out and we’ll see you in the future

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