Dryer Repair- Replacing the Idler Pulley Assembly (Whirlpool Part #691366)

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Hi, it’s Den from washer-repair.ca. You’ve decided to change the idler arm and roller on your dryer.
It’s a pretty easy job, all We’re going to need is a putty knife, a Philips screw driver and a 5/16th nut driver. Let me explain you how easy it is. The very first step to this repair will be to remove the lint screen, it just pulls out of the top.

Located beneath that are two Philips screws that we need to remove. The next step will be to depress the clips that hold the top cover down.
There’s one located about an inch in from the right and an inch in from the left. We use our putty knife for that and you may find that you need to pull forward on the top. Now ideally we’d like to have a wall to lean that top up against but if not take a cord and fasten it through one of these two screw holes to a point on the cabinet to suspend it in an upright position.

Now that we have our top secured our next step is to disconnect the wire harness to the switch.
Separate the connector. Now remove these two 5/16ths screws from the front panel. Be careful not to drop them down inside.

Now we’ll want to support the front panel as we remove this last screw. Lift the front panel forward and up. We can remove it and set it out of the way. Next we will need to roll the belt off of the idler so we can lift the drum out of place. Now while supporting the drum with one hand reach in on the right hand side here.

Notice how that belt comes off the drum, around the motor pulley, back in underneath the idler pulley and on to the drum. Take note of how that belt is orientated on those two pulleys cause we’ll need to know that when we put it back together. Simply roll the belt off the motor pulley. Now to reassemble we need to make sure that our belt is roughly in the position of the motor pulley. Put our idler in the slot and we need to support this drum in an upright position.

You’ll probably do that with your shoulder. You’re gong to roll the belt over the top of the idler, in through the opening. Put a little tension on that idler, now roll the belt on to the motor pulley.
Now just to line everything up we’ll rotate the drum at least a full revolution. Now We’re ready to put the front panel back.

Now to reinstall the front panel we need to engage these slots on the front panel with the hooks on the cabinet flange. There’ll be one on each side. Tuck the front panel in at the bottom, we’ll need to raise and tilt back the drum at the same time. Lift up on the front panel until it slides over those hooks and let it drop down in to place.

Now that we have the bottom hooks in place line the drum up, press the front panel back into position and We’re ready to put the two retaining screws back in.
Reconnect the wire harness to our door switch and the last thing we want to do before we put the top down is make sure that our felt is laying flat on the rear bulkhead. The last step is to put our top back down. Remove our support device, make sure there are no wire harnesses to get pinched, line it up over the retaining clips. Just press down on each corner and we’ll put the two screws that hold the lint filter in place.

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Now all that remains to be done is reconnect the power. That really was an easy repair, wasn’t it? Good luck with your repair and thanks for reading.