Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Spray Arm Support (Frigidaire # 5304506515)

Hi, it’s Den. we’d like to explain you how to change the lower spray arm support on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy job, let me explain you how we do it. new spray arm support
Now, to do this repair, we’ll begin by opening up the dishwasher and removing the lower rack. You just take that out completely and set it aside.

Next, we’ll remove the lower spray arm, simply grasp the center portion of that and pull straight up on it and set that aside.
turn it about
Next, we’ll remove the lower spray arm support and trap assembly as one unit. The trap assembly has a leaver on the side of it, and there‘ll be an arrow on it to indicate the direction to turn it to release it. It’s typically a clockwise direction, just turn it about 90 degrees and then, lift it out of the dishwasher.

You can then separate these two pieces.
Simply pull the spray arm support out of the trap. Now, when installing the new spray arm support, you can either put that in the dishwasher, lock it into place, or put it together with the glass trap and put the whole thing in as an assembly. It may be easier to assemble it first.

We just need to take note of this little cam on the side of that lower wash arm support. That needs to rest on the top of that U-shaped portion of the glass trap. Just snap it together.

Again, making sure that that sits on top and that it’s flush on the outside edge. Position it in the dishwasher with the leaver pointing forward, press it firmly down, and then, rotate it a quarter of a turn counter-clockwise until it locks in place.
We can then put our lower spray arm back in, verify that the two tabs are still intact, and then, press it into that spray arm support till it locks in place. the whole
Ensure that it turns freely.

We can then put our lower dish rack in, you can close the dishwasher up, and your repair is complete.