GE Washer Repair – How to Replace the Water Level Pressure Switch (GE # WH12X10476)

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Hi, it’s Den. we’d like to explain you how to change the water level control on your washer.
It’s a really easy repair, let me explain you how we do it.

Now that we have power disconnected to the washer, our next step will be to pull the knob off of the level control and just set that aside and then we’re going to go to the back of the console, remove the retaining screws so we can lift that console up and access that part. That’s where we remove these three screws, they’re typically four-inch hex head screws. Now with the retaining screws removed, we’ll next just tilt that console slightly forward and then we want to slide it just a bit to the right and that will disengage these tabs at the bottom that connect to the main top. We can then lower that console down where we’re going to access the air dome tube onto that pressure switch. We’ll simply pull that off, make sure it doesn’t fall down inside of the washer and now we’re ready to remove the old control.

Now our next step will be to remove the wire harness connector to that control.
Simply grasp the end of the connector and pull it off and if it’s on there really tight, just take a flat blade screwdriver and gently pry it away.
Just tuck that out of the way.

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Now before we remove that control from the actual control panel, we look underneath that mounting bracket and we’ll see there’s a little spring type of tab. Now it engages the stop on that control panel and what we need to do is to lift up on that tab and then rotate the control counterclockwise. If we don’t lift up on that tab, we’ll damage that stop and therefore won’t be able to mount a new control in place.

We’ll take a flat blade screwdriverWe’re just going to lift up on that tab. Make sure it clears that plastic stop. Rotate it and lift it out. Now I’m mounting the new control, we want to make sure that we engage these two winged tabs, they’re close to the shaft, with the corresponding plastic slots on the back of that housing. Make sure that we push that all the way down into that opening and these two little ears fit in underneath those plastic tabs.

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While keeping pressure on that, just rotate it until it locks in place. We can now reconnect the air dome tube to the input of that water level control. Just want to make sure that that air dome tube is firmly attached to the pressure switch.
Locate our harness connector, line that up and make sure we press it firmly onto the control and then we could reinstall the control panel to the cabinet. Line up these three tabs with the slots in the main top and keeping it just about vertical.

We’ll push that control panel over to the left until it’s flush on both sides. Line up the back panel and then we can secure it with the screws. Then we could reposition the knob, make sure the metal D-shaped insert is still inside of that knob.

Line it up on the shaft and press it on firmly.
We’re now ready to push the washer back into place, reconnect the power and your repair is complete.