Home Improvements & Repairs : How to Unclog a Dishwasher

Hi, I’m Den and I’m going to talk to you about how to unclog a dishwasher. Now if you have some standing water in your dishwasher the first thing that you want to do is you want to look inside here and there‘ll be an area that looks like an upside down basket, and typically these are held on with a couple of screws.

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So we want to remove these two screws and actually pull this basket up. And in most cases if there’s some debris that has built up you can just reach back in there and you can clear that debris.

Now if that’s the case then you’ll actually, that water will immediately drain out. there if
Now from there if you clear that debris and it’s still not draining out, then the next thing to be to look at is when you look at the drain tube from the dishwasher that goes to your outlet, which in typically if you have a disposal than it will go from there.
So in that case we can use some drain clog items such as either commercial items or you can use something like a bacon soda water mixture followed up with vinegar to pour down in there. If that does not clear the clog you may have a solid clog in there and you may actually need to take a small plumber’s drain clear or a rotor reuter type of device where you actually put it down in to the line and it actually as you turn it, it feeds out and it’ll actually clear those lines.

In some cases you may need to actually even go as far as replacing that drain line from your dishwasher that goes to your garbage disposal.
But in most cases if we’ll just go to this basket area here and clear out the debris there, in most cases that’ll take care of your trouble with your dishwasher.
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So I’m Den and that‘s how to troubleshoot drain problems with your dishwasher.