How to remove Dispenser Drawer on Haier Washing Machine

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Hello everybody it’s Lurgs here welcome to my website I’m here to save you time and money and it’s the Haier washing machine how to remove the dispenser drawer give it a good old clean and then put it back in again, now it’s really important that you clean out the dispenser drawer regularly just to stop any gunk and gunge going down and getting into your wash and getting on your clothes, whilst we’re doing this we’ll also check the rubbers on the inside of the drum door, there’s a link above now about how to install a brand new washing machine, this is the Haier washing machine here and the dispenser drawer is on the top left hand corner, so what you do is you just put your hand underneath and just gently pull it out and this blue button in the middle if you just push that down and then just release it really slowly and there we go and why you’ve got the dispenser drawer out it’s definitely worth cleaning the inside of the dispenser detergent drawer here just take a soapy wet cloth and just give that a really good clean inside and then we can just check the rubbers inside the drum and as you can see this one has got pretty dirty, again just take a wet soapy cloth give this a really really good scrub if you’re having trouble getting all the grime and dirt off you can obviously try your partner’s toothbrush so just take your partner’s toothbrush and just give this a really good clean, this is a dispensing drawer from another washing machine which is filthy dirty just to explain you how to clean all the gunk and mould off, now this blue button and level indicator for the conditioner does actually remove to give you better access to give it a really good clean, and there’s a link above now about various how-to guides on all sorts of makes and models of washing machines, once you’re happy that the dispenser drawer is spic and span you can then just slide it back into the Haier washing machine and then it’s definitely worth putting the washing machine on the hottest wash possible with nothing in it just to flush out the entire system, and don’t forget at the end to put your partner’s toothbrush back (and hope they don’t notice) and now it’s time for tea! If you found that article useful please subscribe by pressing this button down here I really do appreciate you visiting my website everyone, if you’d like to select any other articles around here that’d be really cool and be sure to hit that Bell notification tab.