How to remove Dispenser Drawer on Hoover Washer Dryer

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Hello everybody it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my website I’m here to save you time and money and it’s how to remove the dispenser drawer on a Hoover washing machine this is so you can take it out give it a good old clean get rid of any gunk or gunge as you don’t want all this gunk and gunge going onto your clothes, right let’s get cracking, this is the Hoover washing machine here and this one is actually a washer dryer and personally I wouldn’t recommend a washer dryer, as it’s trying to be the jack-of-all-trades and the master of none, and there’s a link above now about how to install a brand new washing machine, okay to remove the dispenser drawer it’s on the top left hand corner so just pull it out until it won’t come out any further and then you’ve just got this blue button here, just push that down and then that releases the clip and you can just pull it out, now this one is in really good condition so here’s one I prepared earlier which is covered in mould and gunk so just take your wife’s toothbrush and just give it a good clean with some hot soapy water, cleaning on the inside and the outside, whilst I’m cleaning this as a link above now on various how-to guides on all sorts of makes and models of washing machines there’s some really good information in there, now before you put the detergent drawer back in it’s worth having a look inside the drawer if that’s all filthy and gunky then make sure you give it a good clean with a cloth, don’t be tempted to use a toothbrush because you might lose it down the hole and that might get stuck in the washing machine, now to put the detergent drawer back in just line it up on the grooves and then just push it gently all the way home, and now you can start your wash knowing that your clothes will come out super clean and super fresh and don’t forget to put your wife’s toothbrush back, actually this is a lie this is not my wife’s toothbrush, if you’d like more articles on how to save you time and money then please press the subscribe button down here I really do appreciate you visiting my website everyone if you’d like to select any other articles around here they’ll be really cool and be sure to hit that Bell notification tab.

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