How To Repair Top Load Washing Machine Drain Problems At Home Video-Top Load Washer Repair

This is the washing machine, fully automatic. Now I am having the problem of water draining itself This is the tub.
Lay it on the ground This is the drain Where we are suspecting the problem may be And this is the clip. Now open the clip. we are suspecting the problem
Press it like this and remove this After removing, just gently turn it Now we can check.

See Some metal piece is there Now we will check further what are all the things remaining in the drain See some metal pieces are also there This is the point So when we lift it we will find the clearance between the rubber drain and seating of the drain area If you have any doubt still some thing is pending inside the drain area. Now put your hand like this And pull it like this If you pull it like this If you pull it like this see there is a spring action there What happens The seating area of the drain where the rubber seating is taking place it will create a clearance between the seating and the rubber. Press it like this and
So you can find further if something So we will be able to clean the all seating area of the drain.
Checking still some thing is there.

I pulled it.
some thing is
So the clearance increased and I checked then found something. leakage from the drain  Now
This is also still pending inside. So we removed it I will put water continuously and I will drain it manually weather the area is fully cleared or not And the valve The drain valve is perfectly holding or not.

I will explain you how to do it manually This is the final checking For the job we carried out whether it is successful or not For better checking Open this Now we will fill the water Weather holding or not. If any dust accumulated on top of it I will be flushed through Before filling water. Insert the drain, insert the drain pipe Fully and clamp it properly We will fill the water.
Whether drain valve is holding or not And we can check if any leakage from the drain There is no leakage from the drain Now it is perfectly ok. Let us check the tub Now the level in the tub is increasing.

That means The drain valve is accurately holding the pressure Once the water is fully filled in the tub. Now earlier I have explainn how to operate the drain valve manually Put the hand near the drain valve manually operating lever and press it. When you press it whatever the dirt inside the tub, it will be flushed away Now I am pulling it.

Now the water is coming. Now you can closely monitor the remaining dust is coming out Whatever the thing is remained in the tub and areas of the valve seating will totally come out and your tub will be totally be cleaned