Maytag Dishwasher Complaints

I want your opinion on Maytag dishwasher complaints before I buy one. The Maytag icon of the bored repairman is a cruel hoax; the dishwashers break down a lot. I can promise you the fast food does not look like the commercials either. typically under warranty, and
What specifically breaks on a Maytag dishwasher? Their control panels regularly malfunction, though whether this is from the get go or after a year or two of use is too be seen.

Some control panel error messages are due to user error or toddlers pushing buttons, and then some errors are ignorable. Are you talking about a power button breaking off or total malfunction? I’ve heard complaints of it blinking lights, giving error messages and locking up. Power cycling it by unplugging it or flipping the breaker only works sometimes. Then

Maytag dishwasher complaints             before

the solution is a new control board in that case.

When the dishwasher is only a year old, that should not be the case. And you’re just as likely to have the new control panel go out in only a year as well. If my replacement part lasted as long as the original one, at least I cannot complain that the new part was actually used.

True, but if they both die after twelve to eighteen months, you’ve replaced the control board twice in two or three years.
That’s expensive. The cost to repair the unit can approach the cost of buying a new dishwasher.

Technically, that is a solution to the malfunction. You’d think Maytag would have a solution to it.
There are a couple of class action lawsuits building regarding this problem because Maytag does not do much about it except replace parts. That is a solution to the problem.

You usually have to pay for the labor even if the warranty pays for the parts, the replacement of the replacement part is not typically under warranty, and good luck finding a repair person under the warranty. I know the kitchen appliance warranty work is not as bad as Maytag HVAC equipment, where almost no one does the warranty work for the furnaces and ACs because they pay so low a reimbursement rate.
the unit
They have problems with the ribbon cable in the dishwasher control panel rusting, and I suspect other components rust out too.

It is an appliance filled with running water – it should be rust-proof. And all that water is probably the explanation for the Maytag dishwasher electrical faults too.

The cost to repair

I cannot fault them for complaining about Maytag dishwashers then.

I’m definitely not going to buy one either.