Overview: Hobart Ecomax F504 & F504S dishwasher

We’re going to give you an overview of the Hobart Ecomax F504 under counter dishwasher and it’s key features and benefits. The short cycle is
This uses the industry standard 500 by 500 basket size perfect for holding 18 plates, 20 plus cups and the assortment of cutlery, perfect for any site. This machine has to cycle options 60 seconds 150 seconds. The short cycle is perfect for a quick rinse off, the 150 second option is great to get things cleaned up and sparkling.

heat loss and reduces

It has a load height of 360 millimeters which is great for larger items such as pizza plates.

The door is double skinned, this helps reduce heat loss and reduces energy consumption, it also keeps the noise levels down and there’s an enhanced door hinge for improved durability. Inside you’ll see there’s upper and lower wash and rinse arms with the top and bottom arms you get complete coverage and excellent results. the amount of food debris
As you can see additional strainers are fitted to reduce the amount of food debris in the wash water and prevent the wash pump and nozzles from becoming blocked this is going to help keep the wash water fresher for longer and prevent any blockages and potential breakdowns which is great news.

The chamber as you can see is a pressed design making it easy for you and your team to clean down after service. There’s no dirt traps and there‘s no potential of bacteria build-up. There’s detergent and rinse aid pumps built in a standard along with the drain pump and as with the majority of Hobart machines this unit comes with a break tank so that means there’s no hidden optional extras or unpleasant surprises when it comes to installation. There’s also the option for an integral water softener giving you a reliable water softening performance.

no potential of bacteria build

The machine is fully automated and works with a very simple, easy to use control panel, this reduces staff time for operation and potential for operator error.

It also has digital temperature displays for wash and rinse temperatures allowing you to easily monitor the water temperature. And remember with all Hobart units it has a thermostop control system, this means great wash results and gives you complete confidence in the machine. The wash tank holds 25 litres and it only uses 2.3 litres of water per cycle which is impressive for a dishwasher of this tier.

Using less water means less electricity to heat it and less detergent to dose it, reducing your carbon footprint and importantly reducing your running costs and as with all Hobart units it comes as a 12 months on-site parts and labour warranty with some great warranty upgrade options. We hope you can see why we’re so enthusiastic about this machine