Poor Wash – Too Much Detergent in Washer

If you add detergent until

There are several signs indicating that you could be using too much detergent. Water leaks, detergent residue on the clothes or in the washer after the end of a cycle, and extremely wet clothes at the end of a cycle. This article will highlight these issues. The amount of studs visible during the washing process is not an indication of how well the items are being cleaned. the tub
Detergents have been formulated to clean effectively without causing a build-up of suds.

If you add detergent until a visible suds level is reached, you may be using too much detergent and risk the potential of causing the washer to over-suds. If your washer does over-suds, the excess suds will flow over the top the basket and may end up on the floor. The extra suds rise up in your tub and travel down the overflow tube located on the back left corner of your washer. If you are not present when over-sudsing occurs, the results may appear as a water leak.

Here are some indications that over-sudsing has occurred.
Visible suds remaining in the tub, basket, or on the inside of the lid. Water or soap bubbles near the back of the washer.
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Suds or detergent residue remaining on your clothes at the end of a cycle.

In some cases, over-sudsing may slow down the final spin cycle.
This is called suds lock.

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The suds build up between the tub and the basket and create an air lock that your washer motor struggles to overcome.

The final result – your clothes may be wetter than they should be, increasing your drying time and costing you time and money.
To ensure you use the proper amount of detergent, follow the instructions found on your detergent box. Checklist: 1. Remember more studs does not equal more cleaning power.

2 Follow the instructions on your detergent box.