Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter (TEST)

we’re using filters for something other than water and Instagram. Let’s talk about that. i ( music playing )/i Good mythical morning! We’ve got an action packed explain for you . We’re gonna be ranting about the hassles of travel while sucking on helium. And we’re gonna be sampling a bunch of discontinued candies, including one that is 50 years old.

Oh, but first we’re going into experiment mode with water filter pitchers. Yes, they’re made for water, but what happens if we put other liquids through them. It’s time for… That’s right.

We’re gonna push water filters past their limit by sending non-water substances through them and noting, for science and posterity, what happens. In case you’re curiousWe’re going to be using the ZeroWater pitcher, not a sponsor, because the mythical crew did some tests, and it explained that that was the best one to use for what we’re going to put through it. Let’s keep the situation fluid and start filtering. If you’re a avid listener to our podcast Ear Biscuits, comes out every week, then you know that I am an avid family man RV-er. Yeah, I like to load up my family– You’ve done it one time.

I have plans to take my family on an RV to Mountain Dew. – Oh. Oh, yeah. – It’s beautiful this time of year. I wanna bottle our Mountain Dew at the source. And now we’re gonna find out if once I bring it back for the kids, what happens once we filter it, and get out all the– I don’t know if the Mountain is gonna come out or the Dew. I think the Mountain’s gonna stay in the filter and the Dew’s gonna come out in the wash. ( imitates phone ring ) It’s ringing like a cellular telephone. ( rings ) All right, let’s see what happens.

Okay. It looks blue, but that’s just the color of the pitcher. It’s a teeny bit cloudy. Let’s pour it next to the real thing. – Link: Now, there’s no fizz. – There’s no carbonation. And there’s very little color.

That’s the Dew. That’s the Dew, bro. Bro, that’s just the Dew. Hey, it completely filtered out all of the Mountain. And now we just have Mountain in this filter. – We could sell Mountain filters. – Yes.

You want a filter that’s just got Mountain in it? – There it is. – I’d buy that. $80. Oh, good price. Take a swig. You know what Mountain Dew tastes like. Not as good as Mello Yello.

I’m gonna hold my reaction until… I can still taste Mountain Dew. I can’t… because I tasted Mountain Dew right beforehand. Yeah, I think– It put me in the perfect– It put me right in the– I thought it was freakin’ just straight up water.

Next to Mountain Dew you probably thought that. I was freaking out, and I was just waiting for you to join me. I thought we were gonna have, like a mountaintop celebration. Something made it through.

A little piece of the Mountain made it through. You can taste a little– It actually tastes like flat LaCroix at this point. It tastes like a lemon-lime LaCroix. I get it.
I get it. That’s flat. That’s what I said. – Yeah. – Yeah. So if you’re into that, flat, tepid LaCroix, then you know what you need to do.

If you love a burning sensation in your mouth but you’re afraid of eating fire, then ask your dentist if Listerine is right for you. Whoa. That wasn’t as– That wasn’t as cool – as I thought it would be. – Accidents do happen. So let’s start filtering some mouthwash.

Just trying to do this, and it was gonna be awesome. That was cool the second time. Okay, now, this stuff right here– Now, it’s got a lot– This has got some strong flavors. It’s also very difficult to open. – There we go. – Okay.

Glug, glug, glug. Glug, glug, glug, glug. – Okay. – All right, it is filtered. And I am gonna predict that the alcohol part of it did make it through because I’ve heard of people taking cheap vodka – and then filtering it multiple times… – And filtering it. …in order to make it better vodka, which, according to my research, which is just reading, it makes it nominally better but not as good as top shelf. It’s 21– This is 21.6% alcohol, so, like, 40 proof. Wow.

So… but it took he green out. – It’s clear. – ZeroWater, takes the green out of Listerine. That‘s your new campaign. You’re welcome. There’s that. It’s pleasing to me. – Okay.

Don’t drink that first. – Now, let’s both start– We know what Listerine tastes like. – We don’t wanna… – It’s really strong, so… …foul up our mouths. Oh, first of all, it smells just like Listerine. It does.

It smells– Well, smell this. No, the flavor is gone. It’s just freakin’ alcohol now. in order
I think I can sip a little bit. Well, now that all the mouthwashy part’s gone, yeah. gonna sip a little bit.

Oh, man. I would just think that I was drinking mouthwash. But taste that now.

We need to compare ’cause I would think that it’s unchanged, – but since this has to be stronger– – Oh, no! ( groans ) Whoo! Whoo! If you’re in the mood for drinking mouthwash, filter it first. They say that chicken soup is good for the soul, but is it good for the mouth post water-pitcher filter? Hm.

Hm, only one way to find out. You’re just gonna– I mean, dump the noodles and everything. I don’t wanna get it on myself. ( makes beeping noise ) – And then clunk, right there. – Yeah, why not? The noodles did not make it through.

Nope, look at them. They’re just– Oh, don’t cover them up. They wanna get some air. They’re just sitting there flat and sad. Chicken didn’t make it through.

Veggies didn’t make it through, but something made it through because it is cloudy. You gotta have a confidence. Yeah, you gotta do it– You can’t– You see– And I wanna go in unison.

You can’t second guess yourself. Three, two, one… There you go. That’s confidence. Nailed it. Oh, gosh. Okay. You know what? If it’s good for the soul, it can be good for the floor. Yeah. Wow. Okay, um… Go for it. This is like– Well, this is chicken noodle soup. Yeah, just chicken noodle soup.

This is like cheap, sodium-free, noodle-free, chicken-free, carrot-free chicken noodle soup. I doubt the sodium– I bet you the sodium is one of the things that made it through. It still smells very chickeny.

Mm-hm. You no likey? Linky don’t likey? It’s weird because it’s the consistency of water. Again, it’s just an essence of chicken noodle. Mello Yello
It’s an essence.

I mean, it– You would think this would be very flavorful, but it’s not, is it? No, not at all. It’s very mild. I could get through a lot of this before I realized something was wrong. Remember when you would come in from P.E. and get hold of that water fountain and just suck the whole thing down?

I could get a half gallon of this stuff down before I was like, Has an essence of chicken noodle soup. We are very excited to announce a new product– Good Mythical beer. Here it is. Look at that label. Isn’t it great?

Actually it’s just Budweiser in a bottle. It says GMM on it. We not– of course we’re not gonna sell beer. Okay, uh– But, contrary to popular belief, we are both slightly over 21. Yep, mm-hm.

It’s hard to tell. Oh, that hurt a little. All right. Now, typically, when you pour beer, you’re supposed to– you don’t wanna over fizz it, so you wanna, like, bank shot it. I don’t think that’s necessarily required in this– I know how to pour a beer!

She’s filtered. I can see a little color in there. Let’s see what it looks like in the open. ‘Cause we know that the alcohol’s gonna come through based on the mouthwash. Ooh, man, that’s clear. But where else does flavor come from in beer?

You are a horrible beer pourer. No, this is how they do it on the commercials, man. Big head. There is none here, no froth, but it looks like a well-hydrated person peed in a glass. This looks like an under-hydrated person…

Smells like beer. But again, an essence of beer. Does it smell like not as much beer? Oh, not even close. And it doesn’t smell– it doesn’t smell like it’s got any good flavors in it.

It just kind of just smells like… Yeah. I don’t expect this to be good at all. Of course, I don’t know if I expected that to be good. Yeah. That is almost nothing.

It’s almost like somebody walked into a party with a Budweiser. ( imitating drunk person ) Hey, great party. This is weaker than that. This is weaker than great-party guy. It’s really, really subtle.

But it tastes like something. Kinda like it. Better than Budweiser. Super light beer. The lightest. We’ve got the lightest beer. Come to our party. T-I-L, when people talk about clean living, it has nothing to do with drinking Windex. NowWe’re not gonna drink this.

We’re gonna filter it, and then we’re just going to see if it can clean– if it retains its cleaning power post filter. So glug, glug, glug it. It’s blue.
I mean, it looks just like that dag-gone mouthwash, man. Okay, let’s pour it back in.

AgainWe’re not drinking this. We’re actually going to test its actual cleaning properties, see if they’ve changed at all. Get a nice precision pour on this thing. Okay, oh… Ooh, it’s clear.

The blueness is gone. That’s enough. Maybe all it’s taking out is the color. – It says– – It still smells really strong. Yeah, it smells like it’s still got some cleaning properties.

But we have brought in– This is not just a new decoration. We’re going to be cleaning this window. We’ve got tomato paste handprints here. So we got a couple paper towels back here. Gonna spray her down.

All right, so I have the original Windex.
Rhett has the filtered Windex. Okay. So– – Oh, man. – Okay. other than water and Instagram
I think there’s an initial difference. Yours is really dissolving it. Look at that. There’s, like, nastiness is running down. Spray some more over there. I went pretty heavy.

Mine is seriously not dissolving it. – Yours is breaking it down. – Yep. Well, mine’s breaking down a little bit, but not to the degree that yours is. Now, let’s just…

There’s some magic missing in yours that’s been filtered out. Let’s wipe easy. You wiping from the front or the back? Always wipe from he front to the back. – Well… – Okay… We sprayed so much.

Mine should look great. There’s no doubt about that. – Doesn’t… – Mine’s smearing quite a bit. So is mine though. I got some smearage.
No, not to the degree that mine is.

Let’s come out here and take a look, see about the difference. I’m gonna tell you right now, it looks the same. It doesn’t look any different. unchanged, - but since this has
You’re still cleaning. Look, you’re getting down to perfection.

So the blue in Windex is just a lie? We’ve been lied to. It could be any color. It could be any color.
It could be dookie brown. It should be dookie brown because of the deception. Windex– now in dookie brown. Let’s do it.

Let’s have a party where we drink some ultra-light beers. And a little bit of hint of chicken noodle soup water. And then we wash everything down with the dookie brown. Oh, gosh.

All right, we learned some stuff. Hopefully you did. And once again we have saved real scientists tons of effort, like we always do on this explain. You’re welcome, scientists. Stick around to watch us do our helium balloon rant about traveling. i Breakfast just got better/i i with the GMM mug/i i in orange and black./i i Available at mythical.store./i