Samsung DW80K7050 StormWash dishwasher

– Hi I’m Den Sheinkopf, CEO of Yale Appliance and Lighting Boston and Framingham. The Samsung DW80K7050 has some premium features but is far less expensive than comparable brands.
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We’ll look at the features, benefits as well as a few drawbacks.

First this dishwasher is a significant step up from the previous model. It is also significantly quieter at 44 decibels which is the industry threshold for a quiet dishwasher.
Like other Samsung dishwashers this has adjustable racks, this model adds a third rack for silverware.

You’ll like a third rack because it adds space at the bottom without the need for a traditional silverware basket. We also have the three wash arms instead of the traditional two in other dishwashers. KithchenAid and                   Miele     have similar
This model adds the StormWash or concentrated sprays for baked-on dishes.
The Samsung DW80K7050
KithchenAid and Miele have similar features in their dishwashers over $1000. have similar features
For drying the door pops open automatically at the end of the cycle to release excess steam and speed the drying process.

Miele is the only other dishwasher company with that feature in their dishwashers over $1499.

features in their dishwashers over

You have the main cycles in this dishwasher like extended wash, china/crystal, and a shorter express cycle. However
they have more options like sanitize for higher temperatures and the StormWash cycle for more cleaning power. This dishwasher’s priced $599 to $749 depending on the promotion or $100 to $200 cheaper than a comparable KithchenAid or Bosch dishwasher. The only downside to the Samsung is service.

It’s rapid popularity has dramatically curtailed it’s ability to fix problems. You should consider buying from a dealer who can fix issues or at least know who will fix the product beforehand. However for premium features, quietness, extra cleaning power and better racks, you should certainly consider the Samsung StormWash dishwasher.

For more specific information about different brands of dishwashers download the Yale Dishwasher Buying Guide available at the end of this article.