Spot Reduction, Neoprene and The Sympathetic State – The StrongFit Podcast Episode 034

alright guys we’re in the middle so let me explain to you what she can get me on one movie now yeah so welcome back by the way I have to do know I first have to have a miracle pack because I completely fucked up your joke what was it about the motor Python oh yes yes I forgot about I didn’t I was slow we had yes we had try to think was that a vide that was a article we posted right yes he was about the three question read so music asked so I I what we do with these is out I’ll edit the article now and then I cut out some clips and stuff and that’s how these things end up on Instagram and so I I put together the clip or it was Julian s and what was the three there was questions no what what do you what do you want to do why do you want it okay so what do y under how how do you feel how do you the first one what do you want and so and it was like I got this perfect little clip will put it out there but trying to come up with captions for these things without just repeating them is this like in my opinion it’s not even an art it’s just a stupid thing you have to do sometimes and so I’m like alright what do I do and then I was like wait a minute so I put I put on there I was like answer me these questions three and then I just left it at that and and sometimes the way we do it is I’ll put a thing out there and then Julian will if there’s gonna be anything either more wordy or not having mine confrontational though sometimes aren’t I don’t come in I don’t come in with the sword that’s usually him so Julian will come in and change it into Julian’s words if he has anything he wants to add so Julian changed it and I’m like god damn it Julian because it was like five yen one monty python joke into our Instagram and you miss it I did by the way two people totally got it yes yes what is your name what is your question sure he had like his rage goggles on you know I went I went Yoda on that one I don’t know I just fucking miss it that’s okay yeah so for people I don’t remember those questions in from King Arthur going to the bridge and then there’s a gatekeeper of the bridge as those questions otherwise you cannot go any solos go on the last question whichever color they go blue not ready to throw in the air it’s a funny shit ever but I’m totally miss Lily missed it or I missed it I have no excuse I can’t win them all I guess yeah there’s also there’s not a lot of room for subtlety in that anyways so my thing is I was like well maybe we just read it and was like it’s Tyler fucking illiterate no yeah South Dakota shit yes that’s why I Koopa fuck down one oh yeah I figured that Kayla got a question like is this some country shit do you guys talk like this I don’t know where it’s good so welcome back to sweet exactly everybody welcome back I lie to you and I’m down last week yeah it’s been a few weeks you’ve had more manly guests on oh yeah we’re gonna have a pretty feminine lineup which one is the next fuck Johnson actually always before this one they will have seen most recently will have been Andrew and then two of us in a row and then Ray and then there’s another one coming yeah we lose track so because we get a bunch of them at once and then we have a months in between so I never know if I talked about it on the podcast or not we also know things can we also don’t remember if we’re still any good at this until we get back in in a month it’s like okay so the first one we back at it I don’t want to give it yeah I usually come back every month or much Julian’s still like me we don’t get to do it tomorrow sumo I’m getting a tattoo in Paris that’s right yeah this would be the last podcast how does it have it I hate yeah it’s called that all the way here but like just in time to go home I meet mom your mom will love me how I have an egg and not face tattoo but close this should grow after reading what gets into about the sideburn range yeah they’ll consider it face I knew it I going so what we’re talking about alright so we have a few we can go into the shots cause the health story is from yeah let’s talk about first aggressive comments because you made that so repeat the comments you made to me because I want to approach it a little bit which one from like the guy lately yeah so I take then on the intake yeah if you notice Julian’s pretty good about actually explaining things when explaining needs to be done yeah social media you actually find anytime someone asks a question that’s a question it needs like fix explanation yeah not just like when does this come out what’s the date is just Julian answering those things himself so that kind of one takes a lot of time from you yeah you know so I mean simply engaging and it takes time and it’s not really of any benefit to you other than giving out the information but with it being the internet god it’s crazy some people are just dicks no that’s what upsets me and I’m okay with questions actually and this isn’t even about questions in my opinion right asking they’re making stripout yeah statements to the bordering on just being disrespectful not bothering like some of them mouth I say bordering it just is oh by the way if you don’t know okay so I guess your mom didn’t teach you right on that I want to know guys like that but they are way to ask people questions yeah that you’re like you don’t get to come and point your finger RS you see out there you remark because that’s basically what this is I find it well it’s respectful when someone we spend a lot of time doing those what it cost money cost hi we doing it for free to release all that stuff and you have people coming at us from the comfort of their home just because they can type on a keyboard that look at it like we owe them something that’s that we were sort of roles that sometimes get me upset where we put all our stuff which were really hard it’s very draining to do podcast and so if you guys think it’s that’s part of it is they don’t you know how it is to like you should go out there and do it so we can come and try stalk you on it but these people I usually don’t produce anything right that come and for whatever reason this thing because it makes me feel in the exam exaggerating we’re almost like a prostitute in a sense of we are out there trying to make money of the podcast trying to be begging you for your attention so therefore you have the right to come at us and say like well I don’t like your shit or how dare you do it like this so basically do it the way I want and I’m like we know this is not what this is we’re not selling anything you’re getting all this stuff for free you don’t get to like you misunderstanding how this thing works just cause we’re doing it as a kindness our heart ready to put the knowledge out there for free and don’t get me wrong I get a lot of you sending me awesome emails and messages saying thank you thank you thank you so I still have all of you I just like I am NOT okay with some of the disrespect that I see not even toward me some time to work out Freeston or stuff like that I’m not okay with it like you don’t get to act as that kind of a human being and not expect me to say something about it I guess your mom didn’t raise you right but plus my I just I don’t know I’m from a very small town yeah where if you don’t like somebody there’s plenty of people you don’t like yeah but if you are going to go around just being disrespectful to the people you don’t like you’re just not going to make it very long before someone kicks the shit out of you you know because that in my opinion not liking someone is one thing and disagreeing with someone is one thing but taking the step towards being like I mean you sway it up just for this questioning and asking questions and yeah and and that’s when I’m just like why what would what use is that to you you know I just don’t understand where that comes or bring value to the conversation please give me fat if you’re going to question my facts give me factual information so that it you can teach me something or it helped me understand where you’re coming from otherwise I have no there’s nothing I can say to you that’s gonna help you see my point if oh yeah exactly so for example there’s a guy that goes and he goes into a long conversation you can tell he has a computer with Google right next to it right and first of all it doesn’t go well into Google because again I can find it on your 60 second that’s when I get to know then you say like well explain me where magnetite is outside of the brain because I can’t find it literally you go on Wikipedia and you read brain and minish Manor is a French word it’s actually that space on your spine between the word specific where all the magnetite is so it’s magnetic codes the entirety of the CNS which I said brain and spine it says manoj if you click on manage it sends you to another article from Wikipedia that tells you because it’s a part of the entire spine so it under 60 seconds I found it so one I’m starting to get pissed then I explained its electromagnetic right in nature then the guy says well because he read the article because I can tell and he says well it’s a electrochemical but I’m like you just means chemically producing electricity electricity is an electromagnetic force that’s physics 101 you learn that in I don’t know what eighth grade I would say V yeah so seventh grade at some point so I say look for magnetic because that’s the nature of electricity I don’t care if electricity is being produced chemically that’s what they mean by electrochemical but it’s an electromagnetic force and that’s why the magnetite come so I’m trying to make a point based on certain stuff but when you come and say you just use one world that you you just trying to prove you wrong I guess so this is not bringing any value to the conversation it’s like this is not worth my time so now I’m annoyed because I’ve spent some of my time trying to insert you to try to bring knowledge to the conversation and you’re apparently and I don’t have anyone interested in sharing any and if you’re if you’re arguing for the sake of arguing that’s one thing but I’m gonna give people the benefit of the doubt that you’re that you are saying something that contradicts what we’re saying because you know something we don’t cool so let’s talk about it would like do it for the betterment of other people not just because you feel bad about yourself and you need but by now how do you think I got to where I am do you really think I just make shit up on a weekly basis as I go that’s well actually upsets me because in a way I feel what they’re saying is like you know pseudoscience or stuff like that like I’m one of those guys who thinks you know aliens are they yeah sometimes I feel like is that what this is that what you’re saying I’m gonna take care of this window situation it’s gonna get a lot hotter in here yeah but I think they’re running chainsaws outside now no that’s your they are unloading cows or should I give it just one second Telus yeah it’s okay we’re good enough of this though it’s gonna get a hot dog oh yeah like the ice whale they wait for us to stop that happens when I train to the second I open that garage door everyone’s outside yeah yeah that might be for another reason enough I wanna yeah that might be for another reason honey I’m gonna have to go speak to the guys I got across cuz all those young snails need to be explained I did you know respect how life works on that one I uh I did I did have a guy over there when I was trained here with the door mm-hmm open one time I was trying to be sneaky he was like taking article from inside the building in there with me training yeah I guess I’m sure they take pictures of real training but not for sure so that’s what sometimes I get upset is because I’m like by now where do you think I get my information from like you said do you have studies where I’m like but I’ve already gave you a little list of people you have to read like a Schroedinger of the coffee I choose not to read them so yeah you have no you don’t wanna know at some point I’m gonna like look I’ll talk with you if you read shorting work out Kristen dr. Porges and then that’s a minimum of working stuff I supposed I made about our lunchtime work you have to understand the history and philosophy of your field to be able to get away from bias none of you are interested in any logical conversation every time the same way the question is on testing have you tested it yes I’ve tested it otherwise what would you what do you see I’m saying it what is my angle promoting the invasion of the space people like the lizard space people that determines what is my angle you think I’m doing this for just to promote strong fit as a business that I so I’m saying like somebody yes is that do you guys think I’m doing or do you think I’m actually researching the shit and everything and if you think I’m saying wacky stuff just to promote strong fit you should not be reading any of it yeah that’s that’s go somewhere else then that means I’m not worthy of your attention yeah and of respect and you should go somewhere and it what what’s what I have a hard time with is when I see the but I see things like that is I will immediately don’t really pay much attention to what specifically even they’re saying because I just draw right – what is this person even coming from where they feel the need that you need to hear this at all yeah that part’s weird but but I think because because when I think of it that way when I see it all I see is where they’re trying to what’s like what are you trying to do with this and it makes me like people less I mean yeah but if someone’s knocking on my door yes and I don’t like it this is my house I’m like no well and it negates all of our human experience like he does Julian tests all of these things on himself and then naturally you Richard myself we all get roped into it like I wouldn’t wear these stupid neoprene things if I didn’t have to but if free didn’t work and now I have to wear them I don’t like it but I’m doing it or like yeah I know some stuff about nutrition I know some stuff about new training training but I’m gonna try it see if it works tell him if is we have the conversation in the background where I explain a bit every time where it comes from and we try to get the different people to see if we can come up with actually an idea that is usually fundamentally the same with just the applications that will be different why do they do it like this can we can I do what I do better or can like do you think all that shit doesn’t go in the back like this is just easy attack because there’s no consequence to it and I don’t like it and I understand that it’s the internet in general not not us but I don’t know why I would allow it to happen on my porch yeah I used a thousand thing not on my luggage and and and I I know I fully agree I think what it’s also important for people like like you said to understand though where we’re coming from this even in presenting this information right because I envisioned what we do especially with the podcast really with everything that we put out for free Oh strong fit it’s not just here it’s everywhere but I envision what we sell to people be at seminars coaches week the nutrition programs all those things the products that people pay money for are not about the information that’s the thing we give away all of the information what we sell then is working with you and working you know working so if you want to work in work with us in the training group you’re paying for us to work with you on the version that works for you and that we’re working with you we don’t need to just jam information okay look if we go transaction we don’t even have to go that far we have 12,000 subscribers on website website we have I don’t know like we have 30,000 people on Instagram I asked one time we asking for the stuff for the fundraising Yeah right for Toms heart transplant and everything we get 300 people donating right so we have 12,000 people on website we have 30,000 Instagram as people for $5 $5 clicking a button pointing $5 takes you five minutes I’ve asked for $5 five minutes of your time for all the stuff that we did for free we had 300 people that did it bless all of you that did by the way you have no idea how much it means to Lauren and Tom so that’s awesome but all the other ones that are getting stuff from us and not using five minutes of your time and five dollars you want to talk about transactions all right let’s talk about that one yeah yeah right because we put I think we put $5 worth of content out there for free so I think if you’re gonna go transaction all right have you contributed to the Lauren fundraiser because if you’re not then you have no business telling me what I do with my money and at some point that’s where it’s like I’m also not interested in hearing criticism for that if you’re you’re absorbing all this information you’re consuming if you’d even take five minutes a five-dollar point that you disagree with which means I know there’s a pile of stuff that you’re using you’re just picking the one thing that you don’t like did you wash you validate the messenger and you can just keep the stuff that you like because that’s yours now yeah and then off you go and and I just think it’s kind of shitty or whatever but my thing is this oh we don’t need to be paid for it because I think all roads lead to Rome in the end because we put enough information out there when people want the US working with them thing they they’ll end up there and that’s good and that pays the bills but what I think people don’t get is the information we’re putting out here for free comes at a cost to you know I mean like Julian does have to pay me for the work that I do and that me doing the work here comes at a cost there’s moving there’s family there’s time away there’s there’s a lot of stuff all stuff we’re stoked to do yeah by the way know that we have to sit as well because all the good stuff that we get all the positive people are there make it website first so we’ll never stop because of you guys I just don’t see a reason why I will not tell the fuckers are there to fuck off that’s all so I’m not it’s not even me bashing those people just saying like you say something I’ll tell you to fuck off yeah kick you delete you block you or whatever like you have you’re not going to do that shit on my porch yeah that’s all that’s what I’m saying so you want to do be the internet guy go I did this there’s so many podcasts out there you’re just not going to do it to us that’s all I’m saying Plus don’t watch an hour faster than bitch about the last five minutes of fuck up somewhere because then if you’re gonna go watch the whole next one dude what are you spending time writing towards go away like the guys have legitimate questions bring it on I love you all okay now I’ll do this foil so we’re cool but the people are disrespectful just understand that I will tell you to fuck off so that’s also you that’s on time and you’ve said it before and I think it’s important for people to remember because you have a family you have a family we all have something else outside of this like if you’re if you’re going to take my time like make it worth it otherwise you’re telling him at the time that he spends with his daughter and as than me is not important yeah and there’s times where I’ll have wet honestly whether it’s whether if if I’m going to getting any sort of discussion internet right that’s it I there’s I have I weigh the scales right is this gonna be dialogue or is this just gonna turn into a disrespectful situation yeah and if it’s dialogue let’s break it up for sure cuz I’ll talk about being wrong totally because I want to explore every avenue I’m like all right let’s assume then that this is all the case yeah let’s go through that’s the way you know I have always that style of reasoning is the way that I think you’ve always worked for me that’s the scientific way yeah let’s go through this rule out all the pauses that’s basically what Darwin said yeah that’s the correct way to do things you eliminate all other possibilities and then when you have you know your weight yeah nobody I understand that he’s done by the way just us I understand that it’s Internet I just don’t agree with it so it won’t happen on my territory well I think it’s just that’s it that’s what’s just because it’s normal I mean it’s not normally just those comma coming up there’s a difference yeah well I’m the coolest thing that I heard was it when you’re having these conversations on the internet or even in person like I think one of the best approaches is help me understand what would make you see this differently like what is the information that gives you pause or what is it that you’re looking for like have a better conversation don’t avoid the comment what you’re saying is why could I say I will make you change your mind that’s a great question yeah what could I what information could I bring that you would go home maybe I’m wrong based on that or like I’ll tell you the information that I discovered that I believe justifies what I say that I’ve always been willing to answer one always yeah how does I don’t know so how do we get from putting out a bunch of free information yeah and we try not to worry about the negative stuff yeah and we tried to just only stick with the positive feedback week and we get really good ones maybe have really good one since most maybe I put you know yeah somebody who had basically come across the coach who had been you know learned and learned from you and done the things and the first thing they said yeah said just listen if you’re gonna trust me I need he told the client I need you to look into the strong fit stuff and learn as much as you can so that was like first so she had to go through and absorb Bagheera which meant it wasn’t a waste of his time and by the way she went through the munich the soccer founder football team for a carry with him in order to fix on back and everything and he told her not to lift crazy stuff arm like I’m almost offended yeah what’s crazy so how do we move forward but one of the reason also I get to know when I get those critics is for the reason and we’re going to talk about so how do we move the ball forward how do we get that knowledge everything is collect and put it into the world okay so first of all it’s happening to two different things there’s a number of people now that are using all stuff they’re just not calling it or stuff so I’m not gonna do names because the last time I did with your pick stuff you turn into a shit situation which I never wanted because I was I was never disrespectful to them I think James vigil took it as an attack on himself well actually he never was all I say was the nervous system precedes the energy system if you actually isn’t what I said that’s the whole stuff they took worlds and created a situation I wasn’t there created a drama well there really wasn’t I was never disrespectful to them and I apologized a million times for it I even walked into that pod cast set up that they had for me and I apologize because I wanted to do it to his face which I by the way I’d sent him an email before that and say I’m apologizing for a misrepresentation of what I said not for what I said because what I say was not wrong I was never insulting them I was never disrespectful I just happened to use his name as an example of someone who deals very heavily with energy system in a very very good way so I was putting it on top of the pile when he come on top of the food chain when it comes to energy system based training so to me was a compliment that I was using his name I was never ever at any point meaning to be disrespectful so that’s why I apologize for the misrepresentation of my world okay but since then there’s been fairly top people in toward the CrossFit community that are full blown using my stuff I know because of someone else who’s connected to them who’s been using it for years and then it’s been communicating that with them so the stuff is moving forward I’m not getting the street credit yet on it because they’re not quoting me anything like that but the fact is they are using it so I think it would work a lot better they will come directly to me so I can’t explain the subject to them instead of trying to figure out what I said based on the podcast certain things so that do you think they are not following it quite correctly because I think there’s so much of the things that you speak about require a massive amount of context I live with a man I speak to him every day and I still either find a loophole to try and jump through and what he’s telling me to do or I don’t understand it like it takes me a couple of times talking through it to figure it out yes but as as learning should go right but that’s what learning with me is right so like you can tell this is a world where she can never hide not even from ourselves so it is extremely taxing so and I do this on a regular basis so those people have all your stuff to do right look at my stuff as one of the many things they have to look into because they are busy as well they are very high in their fields they’re doing great stuff themselves so it’s time consuming and energy consuming so they have only a very not may be very but a small portion of their energy and time can go to my stuff which unfortunately is advanced enough that he requires a lot more than that to fully grasp it with Moniz asked me yeah and with an incomplete picture exactly take one piece of information this is where everybody wants one piece of information and you just spin it out of control so context and you can kind of use it right now that will it becomes your thing or what my phone was telling me right now they trying to piece together the stuff from three years to two and a half to two and then put it together in chunks like that you gotta have a hard time doing that yeah like it’s the stuff I’m talking about is like you have to be versed in different fields in order to be able to do that so and we’ve already done all of that work for you so just ask I’m more than happy to give it to everybody and it’s for free like I’ll do it just straight credit once in a while will go a long way if you just said hey this is Fanta I’d be I’d be happy I don’t need that I don’t need the credit I will it would just make me feel validated maybe I’ll be a bit respected at least if you just said it comes from a guy but basically everything like we’ll do I’ll do a FaceTime call with those people at any moment’s calcio like I did with way the first time like Raj Babbar note when I was asking me like would you talk to my coach right now I was like I’ll do a Skype call right now I spend an hour with him and now it’s on the mentoring program yeah but I spent an hour with him I got for free it’s just like this and I spend an hour because I’m wanting him to understand where internal talk was coming from because I could see exactly that where he was going to take very specific things of it because it understood the little things – he did get it they made very smart they didn’t get the entire concept because I didn’t have the time to explain to him fully so I told him like I’m sweating already I told him that give me an hour so I can explain to you the concept fully just on internal talk overhead because it took me Lito an hour to explain the concept of your head and then he was like oh yeah do you not understand that that’s the problem when you take pieces of what I say another entirety if you don’t understand Durst and the context in which I’m saying it you’re gonna run into trouble and so that’s why those people just ask me I’ll do a Skype call man I’ll explain to you my whole system for free you don’t once in a while if you want to put my name in there it would make me feel like I’m being respected as a as a human being because I am still a human I like to a large scale problem of what we have on the individual level like I get a message from a gentleman he’s like I’ve been doing the nutrition stuff I would I posted what Julian was eating for breakfast avocado toast he’s like man I would really love to have toast for breakfast it would be a nice change up from the eggs I’m like super tired yeah cuz that’s protein for breakfast like so they pieced together what they thought they heard and they try and you know what he on the podcast we say eggs were fat and three people say that we never say exactly actually the one thing we had said about eggs on the podcast was that somebody said that eggs were fat and we were like well they have fat but they also have a lot of proteins yeah and it’s seen as the system sees it that proteins also ate one or you did probably say the word I did eggs are fat but if you zoom out somebody said that eggs are fat yeah yeah they heal their stuff they want to eat this is a small scale problem right like you take this one you take this one thing you manipulate it into working for you and then really you’re not doing this system at all that’s an individual level now we take practitioners or coaches on a higher level that are reaching bigger masses and if you manipulate something like their food intake or their what their training looks like like the problem becomes a little bigger because now you’re you’re on the top of the hill telling the people around you to do something that’s not exactly there’s lots of people then swim in the wrong direction because they don’t know the context in which I said it it’s like people saying well you say protein is fat so it takes our protein well actually if you look it’s 50/50 fat to protein so therefore calorie wise it’s more fat and protein I’m like and that’s true if you look at it in that context but it contains I’m looking at it is is what does I mean that just implies red meat is very hard to digest the fat in it isn’t so the red meat is going to force you to go to go to a parasympathetic so therefore that’s why I call it protein because that’s what’s kind of basically the hard part to digest is a protein you are just fatty be easier to digest it will not trigger such a response so if you don’t understand the context oh you can’t look at it see oh oh you know what you’re talking about take is mostly fat and actually would say by the time that full scope of that context got fully established there was maybe three full podcast episodes about that subject before that kind of gets settled into the details yeah and that’s a niche I’m a podcaster also the system has to be used it experimented by many people before we’re like alright so we’ve said protein but it are lining up where it’s more about just the digestive load and then you’re gonna look like mostly protein over here anyway quiz’ I didn’t think I had to explain that part cuz I thought I had obviously I didn’t not correctly so I’m like so I’m learning also to explain the subjects properly cuz to me was obvious that steak is protein in a sense of linear admit is final images red meat is hard to digest so therefore the but a generic maybe explain I did not explain the concept correctly so I get where the confusion came from wit so all you have to do is as the questions a red meat has a lot of fat how come and then but not come at me going like it’s modern you know you have no fucking clue what you’re saying fucking quack yeah here is that I was like oh ok so you know explain to context it’s all good hood I know red meat has fat in it saturated fat most of the time so we spent up until this point on the podcast talking about what people say when they think the things that you’re talking about are crazy mmm-hmm should we talk about some shit that’s crazy now hmm oh yeah okay so before we go that bad a second point about us can I tease that we’re gonna talk about some shit that you’re gonna take is crazy yes totally before me second about of the message coming for yes yes is I just went to the Olympic Center and we are being given within the next few months for me to take care of the athletes of the gymnastic touch program who has gold medalist is they want to be the gold medal on the beam on the last Olympics everything so we’re gonna be in charge of you know fixing the on the athletes doing a strong fit stuff basically for first the Olympic gymnastic Dutch team awesome so we’re gonna do that so edit the message is being around and it’s working with all so we’re gonna have a few Olympic gold medalists on the strong fit roster which i think is very good I’m wondering if I get any street creditor of that or if still doesn’t mean shit anything it explains that you your goal is to work with people like it like your your goal is to make people better regardless of what it looks like yeah yeah Olympic athlete grandma it’s all the same for me by the way I’m gonna work with and their culture so most likely I won’t get any because I want to sit on the throne I don’t see man yeah master the world strong for sure just go to the in flicks of it maybe this isn’t about you I don’t need the cream like during the conference I don’t need the credit I don’t care just let me fix your people right so now if I can say it out they’ll put it on Facebook or make a poster body to say look some fit is going good of course that’d make me happy that’s my baby I’ve been creating it for years and years and with all the shit that I take once in a while from some people I would feel kind of good thing like hey look I wanna pick athletes fuck you because all the testing and you don’t know what you’re doing like I’m it comes back on a periodic levels from people are really not doing that much they have like 1% of the 1% of the 1% and then the mouths off really really loud it I get to know it so maybe maybe I can put my gold medal on a post and be very passive-aggressive about it but really palooka medal with a finger in it anyway that’s why I dream about at night revenge and you just went up there though again last week this week last month last week right so I’m just gonna miss a got to go to this day yeah if I look fucking in normal alright that’s not a big woman yes a small one and by the way they have a university with a lot of stuff right next to it and then they have the actual although of course that on a big center has the Winter Olympics and they do gymnastic and judo and then there’s the other or stadium which is even bigger for some Olympic sports so that’s what I’m going next so I’m gonna get I’m gonna own Holland at some point that’s my goal it was fun to walk through their training center where the athletes were lifting and Julian’s like trying to keep his mouth shut but he’s like did you see that guy’s calves did you see I have no no yeah no anyway but so anyways so that was cool so that’s what we’re going next so that makes me happy because I want the Olympic on merits but I still want grandma yeah like I still want that lady who sent us the email this morning saying like her back was so fucked up and now she has without pain for like what three months yeah equally yeah that just makes me happy that’s all right so I don’t even I don’t really I don’t need a credit I just if I don’t need the credit but then I get no disrespect exactly but if I get some disrespect and I need some credit to balance it off it is weird my question why if the world is a little bit of negativity seem to ring so loud though because they are louder because it if people like like the email this morning like it takes that lady rotors like a full like three page imagine how long it took her to write that that’s a lot of energy itself that is the accumulation of years of fucking yeah and she made herself vulnerable to to us by telling us are redundant to strangers by telling a whole story and everything it takes God knows I get so many emails I got and we never share them because I don’t necessarily feel comfortable is their story right and they’re already putting themselves in a vulnerable position but those are the one that keep me going for like that made me super happy to read this this morning is just to allow people the negative log people they just like a slap in the face sometime I’m like and you have to understand where I come from and I was the it’s MMA’s you should see what everything like I was in for John my childhood like you asked you enjoyed him and told him twice during his explanation you look at me like this I mean I God and then I put you in a Muslim never hurt you but put you in a most comfortable position ever for the next 10 to 12 minutes it’s gonna be the longest 12 minutes and I’m working on this yeah every time I’d be like see so now next time you explained up okay okay because that’s because that’s the way because you don’t interrupt the professor because that’s the way it is that’s just respectful and I get it you’re a white belt or blue belt you don’t know good then we’ll teach you yeah and that was my job but yeah because early on to I got my ass kicked and a lot of long nose John choked me 3,000 times here is like see that’s it when you resist to me like this that’s disrespectful look okay well I didn’t know him but I don’t know yeah alright and that’s where I find it that’s why I come from but but what a little bit of hope that I see a lot though in these as when some that somebody does come at you like that my first reaction when I’m looking at him I’m like do I handle this one and I’m like I don’t want to handle this one because I just like ya know I’m gonna Tyler this thing up like nope not gonna do it and but that’s so often then when you do come in reasonably yeah if you will by the end it’s like oh I didn’t mean any disrespect I just wanted it it’s like okay but then fix the tote in the beginning the next time he’s fixed a Tony in the beginning yes that’s what I want so that’s why I’m a little bit more ash in my comments now because I’m coming at it a little bit more forcefully so people will get nice you’re quicker understand that sometimes they don’t they only silly mean it but I’m like dude learn to talk that was pay attention you asking us for all time you learn to be respectful about it if I’m asking someone I’m always very you don’t see me comment on very very very little things you never see me bashing anybody right we’re all adults here so we know that passive-aggressive yeah exactly I don’t do the shit and I just want people I want a nice tone to the conversations so that it’s a pleasure for me to have I don’t want to waste my time stressing out I don’t like it it takes away from my family from playing pool from thinking about strong fit from training I don’t want that negativity it stresses me out I don’t want stress that kind of stress in my life so like but at the same time we do have a stuff we put we put publicly I just want to define the rules right I again I don’t need the credit but then I don’t want that tone that’s also that’s what I’ve been a bit our explain lately because I’m like no don’t talk to me like this learn to phrase it better so call me is no flake if you want sure right okay no problem but at the same time you are gaining all knowledge I am NOT I mean if he was there’s a lot of people which with whom I share information and stuff like that and then we talk on internet constantly because it’s so there’s a communication in this sense it’s us giving you stuff it’s like when you go to someone’s house that you don’t know like their courtesy things that you do you don’t go onto their fridge without permission you don’t like open up the drawers you just that’s all that’s all we ask yeah exactly my toes better internet miles I think as a species we need to learn it I say you say like you the Internet is a rough place it’s insane it’s insane it’s fucking insane yeah speaking of it say in Russian trolls Kayla mmm all right so do we start as to why I made you wear the new print shop so you want to go straight into a mixer I think you should explain why we wear them because what I think I kinda want to only say the possible claim that we’re working on and then what’s happening they just leave it out there Julie and I were walking the other night and I said you know these people are at peace mailing your stuff together they’re gonna see us wearing this and then they’re gonna suddenly gonna see like why you should wear your weight belt all the time because they’re gonna associate these near between bouts with weight belts is the same thing because they’re not I pay attention enough to know the science of why but no you know what podcast is coming is the pure the pure review of that study the melon or coffee axes because ya know it’s this it’s just an awesome Oh Wednesday well by the time they hear this one yeah you’ll be out it will be now so okay so So the idea was going back to the Melanacortin axis by the way Melanacortins are a set of hormones and they’re linked to the sympathetic nervous system. they will activate they will deactivate the par sympathetic in the brain but right and then they will activate the sympathetic in the spine so it’s a sympathetic axis right well the almond produced in the fight mode and stuff so it’s basically a It’s basically a sympathetic axis right and so I was like all right so what if I want to activate that axis fully? Why would I wanna do that?

Well that’s what the study was explaining it’s for example they are sympathetic innervation so nerves in the sympathetic that go all the way to the white fat what is called the white adipose tissue.
Sympathetic innervation goes all the way there… also the Melanocortin axis, basically that hormone basically cuts hunger and allows you to use the fat as energy. So how does that work?

You’ve got the hormones they activate the sympathetic of the spine that goes all the way to the fat and basically uses that fat as energy. That’s what the study was explaining that and others as well. So let me get this straight, that means that there’s a direct connection between the sympathetic system and the white adipose tissue none of that on the parasympathetic side, the vagus nerve does not go to the fat deposit but the sympathetic does through innervation. So that means that if I were to fully activate the sympathetic nervous system it will go directly to the fat for the fat to be used as energy.. So I take that on one side, and I take the idea of spot reduction from bodybuilding on the other.

If I were to be able to activate the sympathetic fully in an area, naturally I would use the white fat of that area as fuel. was like first
and therefore consuming it more there. So now I’m starting to think maybe that’s why spot reduction works as bodybuilders have been claiming it.

think because

way is that broad science I say it’s a Tyler what do I keep my remember I’d keep fucking up his name Tyler Dyson the black astrophysicist Oh Neil deGrasse Tyson item you think you take Tyler yes exactly right you said it it is wholly lazy to believe everything that you say and to deny everything that you that you’re here sorry to believe everything that you hear or to deny everything that you hear it’s equally lazy to negate bro science is just as lazy as believing it but you don’t want to believe it you want to study it test it and see for yourself if he works or not so the broad science of spot reduction has been around for at least 70 years all pro bodybuilders talk about it you’re talking about people that are extremely invested in their field and extremely is the correct term that I’ve been doing this for 10 15 20 years at a high level right and you’re talking about thousands of them over 50 70 years all saying the same thing now you’re telling me you’re not gonna listen to what is one of the biggest case study ever right because it’s body builders that is just as lazy as taking it just because they said that it is worth exploring that’s how science works and historically speaking like you said for many many many decades they were the only people even experimenting they stop the nutrition wizard nobody buildup there’s no nutrition there’s no weight training right now they make it they make the whole noodle go forward well and if all of you want to talk to me about macros and how the chicken and the broccoli and their ice is the water abs then if you’re gonna listen to them on nutrition then why aren’t you gonna listen to them about muscle building Yeah right and they’d the one we started the whole thing and and so by the way why would we listen to one study that has been on over 40 people over six weeks period of random people usually we don’t even know who who they are because it’s not written into the study training history is kind of a fluffy maybe we don’t know what everyone like we don’t know whether we’re eating before the study stuff because it’s only six weeks stuff like so I’m supposed to listen this is God this is a proof that is right but a basically a study conducted over 70 years over thousands of experts does not count because it’s brought science you’re gonna have to explain to me how that is a scientific process to me it’s extremely lazy not to look into spot reduction like that’s not how the system works that you understand but now this what we’re starting to look at the melanocortin axis and that idea of spotty reaction right now to me makes a lot more sense yeah and plus here’s the deal if say spot reduction is a concept is a thing that you can you can work on we can be specific at if I have a client who eats like shit and is lazy and doesn’t train maybe that’s not the first thing I put on them anyway you know what I’m saying so but here’s why I think so much ourselves easily dismissed in the broad sense because then what you have is the bodybuilding thing came up with this and now you have people selling just a thing that’s been yeah just wrap it around your waist and you’re just gonna lose all right but I’m not I don’t know that’s not what you’re doing you’re not and by now I think I should get to no credit from people to know that that’s not what I do and you don’t present any of this without presenting an opportunity to zoom back out now see that’s what I’m going to do right now so we talked about it on that podcast about the manual caffeine axis but I’m gonna explain my thought process again this is logical argumentation and we’re doing the testing right now so if you’re gonna attack me attack me on my logical mutation so I won’t activate the sympathetic fully sorry right to get the melanocortin access to to get you fat white fat being used there’s also brown fat but anyway that’s another thing to use fat as a source of fuel so it’s being burned that we know happens in a manner no caffeine axis there’s no going around that if you shut that off we know basically fat mass is increase regardless we got regardless of calorie intake so this is not about how much you eat or how little you ate is not that it’s a pure activation that the melanocortin versus the vagus nerve we will create fat loss or fat game as just the weight is fat loss happens through basically the father is they’re being used as energy I happen to be innervation sympathetic innervation in it so my ideal is maybe just maybe we can activate the sympathetic of an area fully right to get that fat being used as fuel so too right there in in us in a specific spot and see if we can get on one side the fat loss in the rear so spot reduction because I be interesting thing to prove and on top of it if we can get a better contraction of the mass a better response of the sympathetic into that area would create because we know the sympathetic and testosterone production everything we create an overall muscle building so creating a sympathetic reaction right here to create bigger happier fish sounds like quack science until you look at occlusion training occlusion training VFR right the blood flow restriction right creates hypertrophy of the muscle when you turn under it they so that everybody knows and then we saw increase of growth hormone and stuff like that so you’re telling me the only reason this hypertrophy is because of the blood flow restriction only blood flow nutrients all right I by the way yes exactly by the way we don’t know because he hasn’t been tested enough we just know he works so when it’s called occlusion training its accepted when it’s spot reduction is bro science that’s very lazy thinking to me and here’s the thing too as you talked about a sympathetic response if you’ve ever done something as simple as a in training with just your bicep yeah with a little floss and talked to me about what that feels like exactly it feels like some fucking god-awful intense shit yeah and it is like fuck fuck fuck right get this they hold me now and so my point is like blood react exactly so but my point is that is that maybe it’s not just a blog for maybe it’s a sympathetic reaction why because you’re squeezing the shit out of the skin it’s very uncomfortable it’s creating a very strong reaction from you a fight reaction a sympathetic reaction I believe the inclusion training works as well not just but the blood flow maybe but also because of that axis right so I was like all right so if I’m right there’s another way to prove it so we’re gonna do not Oakland training but something had to be different any percent of the weight of the sympathetic on the know is in the skin Oh close to the skin I was like alright so let’s do something let’s provoke a reaction at the skin not occlusion type that’s strong because they might be by the way it might be a bit tough to put a blue band everywhere and then go train that sounds like a rough way of doing it I don’t yes ruff want you to do strong I don’t know about doing strong men work in a BDSM out to disrobe semi well I might get some use out of Internet around that one eddie holcomb out it was it is five a couple years ago that was this dog comes out in like a gimp mask and chance where did this car yeah like you’ve been doing too much dueling I like the explainmanship yeah there was a be stopping on the way anyway yeah like the whole game saying stay away from that one and so I was like alright so let’s do something less aggressive so we can train because the idea of that this is a fight mode not a flight mode but the fight mode so I need to be able to attack the workout and bike ring a reaction on the skin get a greater sympathetic reaction in that area sorry like alright there’s an easy way to do it wait belt the waistband belt like the neoprene waist what is the waist trimmer or whatever it’s called why because I wanted not just the heat which also will make you freak out and create a reaction but also the contact that very very annoying friction of the neoprene against your skin maybe some of you accept it like which others a mine because it was a Sophia yeah so you know what else we can use we can use the neoprene shorts which which are 1.5 millimeter neoprene or you full up on that suit and you see what the arm sleeves same thing with by the way compression shorts or sleeves or whatever they say blood flow yeah you’re also hot as fucking is it a continuous contact to your skin that creates a sympathetic reaction so my point was like maybe it’s not just a blood flow it’s actually the sympathetic reaction that causes what our loss or fat loss or whatever you want to call it because everything is a bit mixed on that one and then hopefully get a better contraction in the area why because for example strength we know is three things it’s new all output it’s skill and its capacity to contract capacity to contract has to do with calcium and all that stuff calcium ions and all that stuff but basically by going by covering something like occlusion twinning or in that case neoprene we create a greater neural output so we create a greater strength capacity and so we make people trade into a fight and so the idea was like all right let’s put the wetsuit on and let’s train into a fight mode right and because I’ve known that for years with strongmen and now realize why the second up with neoprene shots I feel stronger probably cause in a weird way I was because that allows me to increase in your output which is one of the conditions of strength increase well if you ask people who if they leave the gym and say I couldn’t get a pump like I couldn’t feel it wasn’t there they probably weren’t sweating either I think you need not go into that right so I was like alright so if I’m right simple test you take the West female you put it on your waist and you go do something to target more locally like so for me I do for me real true from Sprint twenty JD sit-ups 15 Cal on the air line two rounds as hard as I can now what is very important is this is the as hard as you can because if you don’t go into fight it won’t work that those hormones are we listening to fight not into the flight thing that’s different so if you don’t push if you just do 20 minutes kind of lazy cap but you need to attack you can’t pass you have to attack and by the way you know how much you’re sweating whether or not you’re doing it yeah you have to be like you know when the sweat starts to drip down your leg and you go this is fucking disgusting you just described most of what I saw dripping down my life yeah it has to be something when you know I need to take the shit off yeah likely chewy like you know when you’re ready to put the shorts down and happy I’m not sneaking it for everybody because you just convey the reaction I’m looking for that’s the best part don’t say yet so I’m looking for that kind of reaction well you like I need to take the shit off right now that basic you do that but you take it off where himself trust me the by the way very good way once you’re the new print explain up and the belt you put it in a dishwasher for 30 minutes with full steam it actually works like you wash them all the time yeah really yeah what is wrong with you my Reeve and warm pants oh when you look for the short story band I mean you have to buy one every two months no no no I watched him you smell like Doritos homeless person they’re not the best but they don’t get washed after every use off there’s no way so immediately they get turned in so it’s just like regular a sleaze right you would wash your nieces up forever use but also don’t want fuck yeah I also don’t want my stuff smelling like yes you wash on these sweets as well I thought you’d say no or at least you put that diving suit stuff well every time okay what you can do I suggested just not wearing them as much there’s a diving suit that is a bacteria killer where you just soak it in for five minutes you yell it dry yeah and then you killed anyway so the idea was you will the waste stream on you do into that workout tell me the difference one day to the next and we’ve seen some sizable difference photos so what we saw is we saw a loss of whatever fat whenever you want to call it’s up to you and some definitely increase in tone in muscle tone so even if it’s tiny even if it’s water right yeah that’s it let’s just say it’s water if you look in a pier leaner and your goal is to look in a you’re leaning on a new fucking won the game but but if it’s only water or like color we tested that we put the waist trimmer all the way up to the belly button right and we checked the next morning and she was meaner all the way up to here okay we have the picture it’s literally this is linear it’s a general water loss then it’s either very local water loss baby snuggle fun but it’s not not local rock wall is they’re all ABS get leaner even though the bell was below so it can’t be just water it’s because the whole ABS got activated through the fucking heat and contact more the muscle bourbon yeah well the muscle soreness is quite significant for me too because I’m you know going at it harder on the connection so I’m sure they’ll come up with some very beige reasons as to why it works but the fact is this is the the logical steps that I followed we tested it and then he work super well and from there we went neoprene or formula of the full legs for the scuba suit then like I’m gonna do leg or daily workouts in it to see if I get a better activation of muscle and that combined with doing the lift with the left hand supinated my left glute has been cramping after every single session and so it creates a reaction that is obviously it’s it makes you freak up in a bit but you go freak out when you go for flight if you stay in fight I believe it will get the melanocortin axis going which is fat loss and better contraction of the muscles so now sometimes you do freak out there’s going to that part well I I thought that Julian said that if you had trouble contracting the muscle you should wear them and so I said that as well exactly what she said it was deadlift day and I’m starting and Richards like why are you sure it’s like she’s and she’s like I don’t have to he said that I didn’t have to so I took me around I’m the best ya know cuz it’s like every muscle is working correctly I don’t know what I said I said every time you wear them so you can better better contraction so I literally shit Sonny okay that’s not what you said but but but no but you said them and she wouldn’t do that thing I’m like she’s the first time I put the shorts on I took me 10 minutes before I stood up really yeah oh it’s almost like the squat briefs is that I can’t do this yeah she takes me I’ve to fix myself saying I cannot wear those I’m like yes you can yes you can and I was really sore side it’s like PTSD I know that either side neoprene is there these are booty shorts looking things these are no these are like almost be like and they were like they’d been in the wrong places it makes you like like your ass is wide but not yeah it’s a chick but I threw a fit for like 10 minutes and I put them on and I was doing fine at like in my mind I’m like stop it don’t freak out just like feel the muscles stay focused don’t freak out like you did last time and I’m almost finished with my workout and I’m doing walking lunges with the safety bar and carries it’s like the last thing that I have to do I’m so hot and my glutes are like I you could probably start a fire how hot it is by the way speaking of that my left was one on my right like when you wear the shorts pay attention and you’ll see the dude that I said that didn’t fire as well will it Hari oh my right side was hotter and the right side used to say where we have problem with yeah that’s why it’s it’s very very interesting so I it’s down and back and on the way down I’m like I these have to come off I can’t wear these anymore like I’m about to cry I just think you’re right and you think those guys on the street got the cameras out before right the only thing I can think of is if you take these off they’re not gonna let you keep on exercising like that means you’re done yeah and I don’t want to be done so I’m walking I’m crying because I’m freaking out and like scary not because the weights too hard or my legs are too tired I’m so hot and uncomfortable just oh I just once mom but by the time I turned around I pulled it back together probably because they would have seen me and I was able to finish it way but I mean the they’re uncomfortable I don’t like it it’s hot it makes me really sweat but the the recovery for me afterwards is a lot like to the point where it’s pretty taxing I’m not draining twice within these things very taxing and and I can feel that I’ve done more work like I’ve done volume sets of heavy lifts before and was able to do something after this is so this is where people are gonna say they’re the reason you are so tired it’s because you sweated so much because of the ribbon and then the water loss is just taxing your systems you’re actually not doing more well but if that’s true then training in a being in a sauna would make you lose weight we all know it works the first two times when you lose water and then where that comes back by the way if you take a sauna your linear then you go to the next day maybe one time it works but the time after that the next day you’ve gained all the water bags I don’t have to explain to me that one where I said every time we where the stove the next Daniel you know I do sauna on recovery days sometimes in my waiters almost exactly yeah oh you’re there so how do you explain that this one works let’s see once or twice and then after that you because the first two times you’re very hot so you create a sympathetic reaction once you gets to the heat you sweat a lot but it does not affect your body weight otherwise all the fat people in it would get leaner just by being in a sauna just sweating does not make you leaner that’s not how this works yeah so expect you’re gonna have to be able me all the stuff and by the way now like on all cases we have about how many people we got doing the shit now at least twenty thirty between the groups and a mentoring program all of them have reported the same thing the muscle that they have problem firing fires better in those conditions we had Andrew like the rugby player it always like the right external obliques into the right glute is basically cramping every time and attacks him and not a lot to recover this is someone who places 80 minutes rugby in the Sun in the summer and stuff like that he has no problems 20 years yeah he has no problem sweating and everything it’s not the sweat it’s not like was he gonna say stuff like well you’re forcing a sweat response that’s what taxes the system thought no it’s it’s because again like my leg glute right now which the left side has been more of an issue is responding quite strongly to the short like it it gets warmer a lot on the Left versus the right and also my left are awkward right those are the two things I respond that I get very hot the rest doesn’t so I’m touching on this side and this world well yet it doesn’t do anything and then I can tell you the contraction is by the end I’m cramping for an hour on the left like deep like this day the level of contraction is not the same so increasing the level of contraction and then our output is literally part of the definition of strength it has it’s given me a competition setting type feeling without having to be in which is to know they are very important in terms of recovery and also just the discomfort like actively feeling this thing that I don’t want it’s like having a fucking ticking clock whether you like but that’s important because we talked about raising the C game right we did a podcast my wondering me maybe somewhat yes I think so yeah anyway that’s part of raising this again because I’m gonna put you into a situation that normally from a neurological level you would be only facing in competition that that overall sympathetic respond that your body has in compressions cause the bail is coming we’re gonna recreate that with a new pin I’m gonna put you in such a such a strong reaction that is gonna mimic what a compression would do to you know like some type of competition like you do it and it’s less work than your training and yet you’re right for five days because you did the work in a different condition I did in a different state right because you push hard well and you put so much into it it’s like gassing out in workouts you should do well and yet that one is much harder because your state is different right so by recreating the state I believe we’ll be able to make you better in competition because you’re going to train like it’s a competition and so even though it is not to your neurological speaking a bit closer because of the strong reaction we’re gonna we’re gonna promote so that’s raising your C game it’s like using only nose nose on conditioning it’s like the way I practice for poor my now which work really well because I I am actually I’ve learned to practice in a way that benefits my game under the gun yeah so I’ve changed we our practice exactly that the same idea is that in order to practice to get better on the other gun and not the other way around like practicing and have fun in hoping it carries under the gunner I’m practicing to be good on the Lagonda because if we had almost Kayla if we had any other type of external stressor that made you that thought you know you’re really comfortable yeah like if you lose your mind whether the music you listen to I’m stressed you that much or just or how much like like that would fucking break you pretty quickly because it’s too much every day every day that I have to train I’ve tried to find at least two or three excuses to this morning Stefan this morning she’s retention not even consciously thinking of it like that somehow for some reason I’m like well attention she was like I’m not the one who shot Sabine I can’t fit my belt / – that’s right yeah she was like I’m not gonna wear them they’re the weirdest button things but she was like I’m not gonna weapon but something really cool that Julian’s have over at the Olympic Center stuck with me and that’s why I think I keep talking myself into wearing them anyway he said you know you train in practice I’m I’m this person and practice I’m Mike and training I this is how I train and and this is Mike explains up and then I go to the game and a totally different person explains up Joanie’s Dale and I don’t know how John performs because John hasn’t trained them because I rarely go to that place when I train and now I have this whole new body that I I’m not gonna be able to coordinating things are gonna go wrong so now I have been there I’ve been there on a pool table we all been there where I literally mic train and John explained up and John does not know what he’s doing well you’re like confusion going like where the fuck did my training go yeah and then immediately all of your positive expectations that’s not that’s a hospital like wait why didn’t this work that is such a hard feeling talk about its own questioning experience when competition realized none of your work actually Deners oh I know everyone does that superficially with like I know I’m gonna do my pull-ups with a weight faster I’m gonna do like this the something as simple as the neoprene actually makes you do the work in your training that and yeah so this first of all is the physiological like you know she called impact but also the putting you into that state of constant discomfort of I need to take the shit off of like just pushing the sympathetic a bit further off that takes you places which I honestly I had a hard time doing on my own so if this is working for me to teach me that skill like maybe there will come a time where I don’t know is there that’s right honey you’re nuts keeping that one that’s what I’m just getting to it’s like let’s say that Kayla does get to the point where she can carry that over then and can train without the extra added stress no because there’s still the part of muscle not firing correctly that’s really will always be some by the way if weighing the shots make you fire the muscle a little bit more that fucking ice cream man is it the train going by there’s an icing truck right now outside cars I still think they’re stealing ice cream trucks now are you timing those to make sure we have the most real notice out no idea it’s literally a scream talk so if you guys so Kelly be the taco truck but here we have the ice cream truck if I could find something that allows you to contract the muscle better if you guys understand what I mean by better you know I could create a greater contraction of the muscle well when you do not use that alright because it’s on your way to again its power its power strength what if I couldn’t make you wear something that elicits a strong response in you right it’s bit why we use people you steroid not we but you know because it gives you better results for the same amount of work whitey allows you to do more work well that’s basically what the bill does it puts you into a fight mode so now so maybe the goal isn’t for Kayla to someday be able to throw them pants away for the last time take them off for less maybe the goal is for her to not just just not hate them as much but you hate it and we say yes hhor– otherwise he’s saying like the goal is a 400 pound deadlift I seriously doubt that by the time we get to Pho nerd should want to stop this stuff then what do you do you stop training so the point is to move forward but also just keep pushing I’m a trained in fighter so if he allows you to be in fight then fucking use it by the way and some muscles are still not activating properly so we can use also when you’re in fold that if you can elevate your worst sometimes then your performance element in your C game when you need to elevate your C game this is what this is so now when you have that you do that with nose nose breathing on heavy shit that’s the article I posted with the same back carry like the 250 then back I was doing it with the the Scooby’s who don’t plus the neoprene shots press nose nose breathing my hammies finally I on the last few mirrors I’m giving up because of my hommies and not anything else so I got to maximum having fatigue which usually don’t get to because I was before that one I didn’t without and I stay nose nose and muhammad’s blew up that’s the point the point is we’re gonna raise your C game to the max because you’ll raise your B and a game you don’t get to pulley egg him up Yury the C the C game that’s the thing that I hear actually is pretty common among people who are fighters yes is that you you do not get to Train in hopes that you’re going to fight this person on your best day it’s just not how it works it’s not you never are ever ever walking into a fight feeling your best you don’t not fucking way it works yeah so you know Liz you have to let go so you got to move your center or elevate your B and C game to the point where you can smash this fool on your worst day exact that’s the only way you can actually control if you want to go in confident into a fight you know that your C game is better than his a game yeah then you’re fine yeah but then you’re laughing until then that’s what you train time this is otherwise if we start to take the shit off it’s like saying don’t try and tired right except if you’ll find out you’re in competition you better not to Trent I also example for strength sports powerlifting if you have never been after a heavy squad you don’t know what it feels like anything but let me tell you you I’ve seen at almost every competition the guy who only 30th time gets a player on the squad fuck’s up his bench press on his third attempt it’s almost every time why because it takes so much out of you I’ll go back that you cannot use on your bench press and it was like wheels who was a good 40 50 below is normals benchpress because he had appear on the squad that PL on the squad will take weight off your bench press why because your comeback is tired that’s why the sheet works and that’s why every time I look at it when I look at powerlifting deadlift for records I have to pay much you have to pay a lot of attention to is this quite up before did they happen in a full meet or was a deadlift only it’s still sanctioned me and they went deadlift only that record is still fine I guess but it’s not quite as it’s not within the context he’s not supported coin doing 880 at 220 at the end on the force of telephone right now is that like nine attempts mo 10 attempts yeah cuz I think he pulled I think they gave they would give you think he’d eat only squatted on it on is quite so damn nice blue is 10th or 11th attempt and by the way he bench 515 in which takes a lot out of your lats and weights but that’s why you can tie or two because if you when they live separately to put them together in a meat is not simple no like all of that the amount of actually guys who I know who are I know a lot of guys who are really really exceptional bad lifters and there is they always come to that point where there’s there’s a reality check in a powerlifting meet yeah where it’s like they get to the deadlift which is the thing for these guys that are deadlift aces yeah man they’ve been waiting on this thing for months I don’t care fucking smash yeah and maybe they went 2 for 3 on the bench so that’s in their head and their bodies a little smoked like missing a max effort bench is fucking harder on you than you think and don’t even start on missing a squad if you don’t go 3 for 3 on the squad that deadlifts Kashi yeah oh if we go 3 for 3 on the squat that deadlifts still gonna be problems yeah and by the way the one you missed at that attempt it’s not on the way down you see all the way up so you still have to eat centric the shit I have something that is usually the most weight you’ve ever taken on the squad and the bench on the bench it takes a lot of so now you have smash I’ll go back on the way down on the squad and then on the bench your lads are smoked and now your tea spine is gonna have to take that massive deadlift and yeah until you’ve tried the shit is not easy so it’s the same idea alright so she’s not gonna take a shot away okay so she’ll have exactly I won’t help to relate it every single time to sponsor a man but you know what in the meantime it’s working it’s quite is better they lift his banner or like the so instead of loading the back she’s rolling like a position set of being super arch all the time now is better is where we want it’s working is just so fucking uncomfortable but that’s kind of the point oh it’s a sympathetic reaction like the fight model who see the fight mode was comfortable yeah I want you to feel better than Danny is that too by the way she’s getting worse it works for game day she come and your prints are illegal yeah she was a new comic decomposition so game day it’s gonna be a lot easier than training day yeah and by the way it’s ready to serve around in the back room because you warm the ribbons did you feel stronger on the ribbon absolutely on this quiet I actually really oq2 right did you feel stronger on the ribbon shots when you square it I always thought they I did like five to ten pounds to my squad like some was like you’re cheating I was like how there’s no fucking way the 1.5 millimeter of neoprene can help you live more and I felt stronger every single time with without without them it’s not the same I always justified it in that it felt like it just kept my hips and glutes warmer which meant they worked a little better yeah but what I felt was AB squinting sunny find agree since you swear they understand you’re not no I don’t feel stronger I don’t feel I don’t even where I didn’t have wear knee sleeves because that like can that it was to talking to me I don’t know maybe I cross Union I’m just much more used to being really sweaty and gross so I’m just like bring it on and then because we all done it for years and years I mean I like it I I knew I had a couple guys that I kept every name I wore them in a competition one time and they didn’t tell me anything groundbreaking about him they were just second I kind of like him and I was like well I am looking to by some things you know how it is raining you’re like can i buy some things that make me better like a crossfitter buy a new jump rope to make sure you get dubs you know that’s what I’m trying to rope so I bought I bought him and just started using them like most think just because other people did it I guess and I am to really really enjoy him the problem is just depending on the place you’re training and it’s always not like a man in only neoprene undies type of embodies okay that’s not how I go that’s why we’re just gonna do it I wear my that’s what we’re doing we’re doing it I wear my wetsuit to bench and do upper body which I was much better experience than the shorts and I’m like man I didn’t think about having to go to the bathroom in this thing Richard’s like you don’t have to go to the bathroom you’re just trying to quit are varying degrees of having to go to the bathroom and you might have just broke into it yeah like this is the time it’s not like she’s trying tantrums or obviously Giuliana game you know the dangerous time everywhere don’ts again calm down they’re telling me to put on it is so funny this has to stop now every time ever since Andrew said though if you’re gonna listen if you feel like you’re gonna freak out just calm down you need some clothes whenever we need to make a meme out I do think something mouth keeps making me men I could picture can picture Kayla just lug in the sand bag around the parking lot in neoprene shorts just going fuck you and you don’t fucking tell me to calm down like a pretty stoic human being good so she comes home and she looks at me or something I was like I don’t like it I’m like I know honey but let me explain to you why it’s good folks like I don’t want to hear it I just don’t like it then we go into that five minute conversation it’s like I still love you okay yeah oh yeah she does not like the explains but welcome but by the way people have to understand I submit I feel like the being on the will : under on the spectrum with the whole texture of thing oh that makes it interesting like there’s some moments where it goes really high I try to play pool with a sweep like a compression to see I started missing that the Naga well yeah that thing flows down fast seems like just input noise a lot but yeah exactly but our I’m like I’m gonna wear this shit but that’s also what if you it would pool that’s the thing that fucks you up is in practice at home and make it fucking confortable so that I don’t pay the price under the Gunn pools air-conditioned yeah it’s not that it’s to say I’m never coming to watch yeah because there were so many people like it so they don’t you sweat right nice time with nobody wanna do that like if you get it they’re just like fuck no it wasn’t that me where Zeus Easter noises so many people it needs to pressure situation no no it wasn’t any of that like that’s not a spectrum sang ro it was just if anything it’s too much stimulus with that does just me was not practicing correctly will juice me for example like I realized that the other day I was doing strong man with the neoprene everything and I get to a point where literally doctor first time I cuz now I’m back into training for to be as strong as I was or close to it well because I’ll be a bit lighter but I’m gonna keep the ABS but I suddenly I was like I told her I’d like a few weeks ago did certain works in life and I suddenly clicked in mind I was like fuck it I’m back I’m gonna go back to circle strong thank you know like the really fucking heavy shit okay and I’m like okay so I’m gonna go back to training super hall and then I do strongman and did you have a moment again no no I did have to check it and so I am halfway through this your carries and you know I’m back to that moment where you want to lay down in your corner and cry a little bit like you know like this is heavy on you know but you’re like I’m starting to get really tired now and something in my head Jose who literally went oh good training starts now right and then my energy went skyrockets and good because I couldn’t wait to get the voice to tell me to quit and be a little bitch in the corner and crimes like thank you I’ve been waiting for you and then from I did for five sites after that everything will have you I was like cool so that I don’t have any pool table that moment where I’m not good training starts now I realize on the pool table that’s when I quit god that’s when I go yeah I’m gonna go home and cry or at least be be passive about it be like no I’m not gonna cry I’m gonna keep on playing but that’s not the same that’s not the same as good I’m gonna smack you in the face so hard for talking to me no it’s more like alright so I thank you for telling me that and I’m gonna stay here and keep playing but the enduring totally yeah I don’t have that voice on the pool table and that’s why I started like I’m gonna change my practice I’m gonna practice until I want to quit and then I’ll stop my drills maybe we should wrap up on the enduring thing because we haven’t mentioned that on the podcast oh yeah that’s from and so before we go into that and wrap up yeah by the way that’s part of the new penis a vagrant do you want to know why I had to get up and look cuz I travelled and my extra batteries weren’t charged so and we’re running we’re running a little long anyway so I’m like again my better check yeah we get so excited all right So lets talk real fast on Doing vs Enduring. Because that brings the point of the neoprene. When she cried she was enduring.
So what’s the difference between doing and enduring?

If you look at it, fight vs flight can be little bit of a misnomer. It’s really Hunting or being Hunted. So it’s Doing vs Enduring. So when you do a workout, are you Doing the workout or enduring the workout?

Are you hunting the workout or is the workout hunting you? that’s the question..
When she started crying it’s because the shorts were hunting her, and I was like, No, go hunt them.

felt was AB squinting sunny

Go into the discomfort willingly. So when I train, I hunt that voice that tells me to quit…. But on the pool table, I was hunted by it.

That’s the difference between Doing and Enduring. At the pool tournament I was Enduring, on the table instead of Doing. When I trained strongmen I don’t Endure, I DO stuff.
I look for the voice. I train until I quit then I start my training.

So I’m gonna practice like that, I’m going to practice Doing not Enduring. So that changed my practice and by the way in three days later I played my coach for money and won. Because suddenly the way i practice, applied on under the gun, was before was just crushing me. did he raise the stakes after that first game don’t give me a handicap there’s a freaking dad hanging cabbages got yeah I don’t know pool but I watched pool sharks movies no no they always make cool yeah it gives me a specific handicap gosh and my kneecap just got smaller gotcha gotcha so I’m not gonna win the second one so it’s all good gotcha let’s wrap it up let’s wrap it up guys that’s gonna do it for this week let’s take care of some business here Julian’s Cornell will be up soon it will be Julian’s corner calm yet perfect so Julian’s corner calm that’s where for anything from seminars coaching we want Julian to hang stuff right and it is also over my owner stuff on the side where I could talk about the books that I read through the pool yeah yeah the family stuff all yourself me human I don’t want to have my space where I can do all that because it’s not necessarily a strong fit stuff yeah so that’s why no all the coffee shops I went to the gyms all that stuff it’s constant so Julian’s corner calm and should be a pair tennis isn’t yeah I would guess so everything else strong fit calm strong field equipment calm that’s where you’re gonna find some even a strong fit calm you can get to the equipment there but that’s where you’ll find seminars the workshops sandbags apparel all this stuff if you’re in Europe strong field equipment you if you’re in Australia Samantha Fitness what else do we have okay 32 okay 32 when it’s a strong fit one i’m tyler effing stone rare barracudas over here peeping from the floor so uh god I think that’s got everything else we’ve handle most of that fuck up anything we’ll get the rest of it out tomorrow so thanks a lot for listening we’ll see you next week next time you see me I haven’t you tattoo oh yeah oh yeah teaser exactly he called me father – he didn’t I did not say that that’s daddy well okay okay how you went with the wood here’s the problem say hey buddy give me some I believe if in a relationship sometimes you just have to walk into some buzzsaws because you know that that’s the funniest word to use okay so I was a bit spotty the other day and I might have said once or twice like look like I want to do this and since you weigh 175 you could help me by none of these things are good ideas no but but if it’s the funniest moment do it it was funny enough that even she laughed yeah that’s the thing if it’s if it’s the funniest thing that can be said at that moment you might as well come on I can think of I have a real good time you know I have a room with my son cuz I’ve trained him to be trained it’s probably not the best word but raised parented him in a way with which I want my kids to be good to hang out with necessarily like first makers give you the types that you want to be around right which meant he’s always been good to hang with adults but now as he gets older if he’s a bit of a smartass it’s kind of a problem for anything that he shoes yeah so what’s what I’ve been finding those I’ve had to explain to him like listen you can talk back but it’s gonna be real fucking funny yeah that’s it that’s the requite you can you can be as if you’re but if it’s not funny it’s disrespectful so it better be real funny so these are the lines that he walks where I’m like that was not funny enough no you’re in trouble that’s actually exactly point I was in I was making a joke Danny don’t look at me like this just cuz I make you wear shorts