Washer Repair- Replacing the Rubber Injector Valve (Whirlpool Part # 216201)

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Den: Hi, it’s Den from washer-repair.ca.
, We’re going to explain you how to change the injector valve on your washer. It’s a pretty easy job. All We’re going to need is a ¼ inch nut driver, a 3/8th socket with an extension, and a stubby Philips screwdriver. Let me explain you how it’s done.

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Now the first step in this repair will be to disconnect the appliance from the power supply, simply pull the plug from receptacle and We’re ready to start.
Next we need to remove the front panel using our stubby Philips screwdriver, there are two screws located about an each inch in from either side, just under that lip in the front panel. Now We’re just going to grasp the front panel by the sides, pull it forward at the bottom, then we’ll let it hinge down from the top, you see there are two spring clips that hold it to the top panel, we’ll set that aside. Now with our 3/8th ratchet we’ll locate two bolts just inside the front panel, one on each side. Now with the two retaining bolts removed, We’re next going to raise the whole top making sure that the lid is held closed.

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And if your model has a bleach dispenser on it, we’ll need to pull that hose off. We just tilt the whole top backwards on its hinges and lower the lid till it’s in a safe position, and now we have access to the injector assembly. Now there is a clamp that holds that hose to the valve assembly a ¼ inch hex head screw, now we’ll loosen that screw partway and then we’ll push in on. If the clamp is really rusty you may need to replace that, so pick one of those up at a local hardware store or through your appliance spares distributor.

With the hose removed, you can remove the valve assembly, there is a nozzle inside of that rubber valve, simply peel the rubber valve off of it, and remove it. Now normally it’s a good idea to replace both these pieces at the same time, typically this hose will shrink up it will be a little stiff cause a leak, the nozzle itself will ware a bit with water flow through it, and again cause a leak.
We slide the new valve over the nozzle, you should flange on end of it, make sure that’s wrapped around the nozzle and held in place, just wet the edge of that a little bit, insert it back into the hose, making sure it doesn’t fold over, slide that completely into the valve assembly, re-tighten the clamp, and now that we’ve secured the clamp, We’re ready to put the top down. Most importantly, we want to make sure that we put the hose back on the bleach nozzle.

And now We’re ready to put the two 3/8th bolts back into the top cover, before we tighten the first one, we’ll insert the second one and make sure that it lines up properly. Again, check that bleach hose, make sure it hasn’t got knock this.
Now We’re ready to put the front panel on. Insert the top edge first, panel tilted over in an angle, and with an upward pressure on the top just swing it into place, and we’ll install the two screws and they go upwards at an angle, and our repair is complete.

That’s how easy it is to change the injector valve on your washer. Thanks for reading, good luck with your repair.