Washer Repair- Replacing the Water Inlet Valve with Mounting Plate (Whirlpool Part# 285805)

Den: Hi, it’s Den from washer-repair.ca. You’ve decided to change the water valve on your washer. It’s pretty easy job. All We’re going to need is ¼ inch nut driver, Philips screw driver, and perhaps a pair of needle nose pliers.

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Let me explain you how it’s done. First step in this repair will be to disconnect the power supply. The next step will be to disconnect two fill hoses, mark both the hot and the cold, so that we don’t get those mixed up.

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And then we need to remove the cabinet.
There are two screws located at back of the console, a Philips head screw; there will be one in each rear corner of the console. Next we’ll slide the console forward about a quarter of an inch, tilt upwards on it, you will notice three little tabs on either side that slide into the top of the washer.

We shall rotate that console forward, and we need to remove two retaining clips that hold the cabinet and top to the back panel. You take a flat blade screw driver, insert down in the first notch, tilt back with your screw driver to release the tension on it and the clip will come out. Now we can disconnect the harness to the lid switch, there is a tab on it, release, now the whole back panel of the console will be free standing.
Next We’re going to take the cabinet and tilt it toward this and slide it right off of the washer.

Now that we’ve removed the cabinet, we’ve got easy access to this fill valve. We need to removed this ¼ inch hex head screw, that secures the valve to the back panel, and pull the valve through, disconnect the existing wire harnesses, you will note that one of the harness is red that corresponds to the hot valve and you will note on the back panel it has stenciled an H for hot, so you can’t mix them up.
Next we need to remove this clamp from the fill tube, we’ll take our needle nose pliers squeeze that clamp together, and then just twist the hose off of the valve.

Now we’ll take our new valve, reinstall the hose, make sure that when it’s in its final position, there won’t be any twist in that fill tube, reinstall the clamp, and our wire harness let it go in the bottom. Insert the valves through the back panel, slide it down or lock it in place, and then reinstall ¼ hex head screw, and that’s it. The next step to reinstall the cabinet, tilt it slightly toward this, line it up with the base frame, tucking the front bottom left of the cabinet under the lip of the front base, tilting it back into place, making sure that the tab sticking up from the base line up with the slots in the bottom lip of the cabinet. Slide the back forward into place, make sure it tucks in at the back of the cabinet; we’ll reinstall two retaining clips that secure back to the cabinet, put them up under that slot on the back, and then just press them into place.

tilt back with your screw

Reconnect the harness to the lid switch, you can roll the console forward, and we’ll engage these tabs into the slots on the top cover. Once they are engaged just pull the top of that console back into place, and reinsert the two screws that hold the console to the top.
Now We’re ready to reconnect our fill hoses, keeping in mind that hot water hose goes on the bottom, and then plug the washer back in.

That’s just how easy it was to change your water valve. Thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.