Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Spin Control Board (FrigidairePart # 134149220)

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Hi, it’s Den. , we are going to explain you how to change your speed control board on your front load washer. It’s a really easy job.
All we are going to need is a number two squarehead screwdriver. Let me explain you how we do it.

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Before we begin this repair since we’ll all be working near some electrical circuits, we’ll need to disconnect power to the washer so pull it far enough for that so you can disconnect the plug and then we can start our repair.Next, we will remove two screws at the bottom of this access panel and just support that panel as you remove the second screw.
Then drop down and disengage the little locating tabs on the top of it and we can set that aside.
Now, the speed control is located on the right hand side towards the rear so we’ll need to get in there and remove the two mounting screws.

reinstall the screws

If we reach in along the right hand side here, we’ll see there are two screws that secure the base of that speed control housing to the base of the machine.So we are just going to remove those two screws. Now, with both screws removed, next just push back slightly on that housing to disengage it from a little hook at the front. Then we can pivot it around so we can gain access to the wire connections at the back, so just release the tabs and open those connectors and then pull the whole board out through the front. Now, when installing the new board, we’ll also want to keep in mind that this is the little hook at the front that will engage into the slotted opening in the base.This is the slotted opening at that hook on the front that board mount will fit into before we tighten those two screws down.
So Locate the wire harness and make sure they are fully inserted into the connectors and that the locking tabs are engaged and then just pivot the board around into position.

Now, the speed control is

The first position in front of that board so that the hook fits into the space and then pull it forward to line up the two screw holes and then install the two retaining screws and tighten them securely.Now the two screws in, we can now put the front access panel back on.
So just line up the locating pins on that access panel and hold the panel uptight against the door panel and reinstall the screws. We’re now ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete.

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