Why is My Dishwasher Always Wet Inside?

Why is my dishwasher always wet inside? It is a dishwasher. It is supposed to get wet on the inside. It is not always supposed to be wet; the thing is supposed to come out with clean, ready to use dishes.

Are you opening the door before the dry cycle to save energy? That’ll leave them dripping wet. I do not know if the dishwasher has a dry cycle. Some dishwashers save money and energy by not running a dry cycle unless you pick it; check the buttons on the front of the dishwasher if this is solved by hitting one of them.
Or it is caused by a kid picking a wash cycle that does not do anything but rinse.

You could check to see if the valves that put water in the dishwasher are stuck open.
That would result in a tsunami of water when I opened the door, not mild wetness. There’s a chance you’re opening the dishwasher too soon, that the dishwasher is putting in too much water due to valve problems, and there could be leakage from the garbage disposal.

If there’s dirty water from the garbage disposal, that is the opposite of clean. If this is the cause, the valve that controls the flow of grimy water from the dishwasher needs to be replaced. Or I need to get a nut out of it.

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Yes, food debris could be in it and interfering with it. Then again, the dishwasher could also have a water leak from a hose that is not sealed right.

Then I need to find that leak, because leaking a little into the dishwasher means my cabinets are turning into a mold colony. Before you freak out, check to see if the dishwasher has a vent for venting hot steamy air. You could have moisture in the dishwasher because the vent is closed or covered by kid stickers. I’d expect the stickers to come off over time.
There are dishwashers with a steam feature supposedly to sterilize things better.

If your steam function is running too often, due to a malfunction, you have a possible answer. you can fix by
I did not want a dishwasher with the steam function because they all too often break down, and that’s not even including the models that vent the steam on the control board. You could try the sani-rinse cycle instead of heavy duty, in case the second wash is not draining as fast as you want.
If the water from the first cycle has not drained away, that means the heavy duty cycle water just washed back over the dishes. the dishwasher because the vent
At least that cause you can fix by cleaning the drain or clearing the drain hose.

The other causes need a plumber or appliance repair person.