Yo dawg I heard you like cats

You know I might say this every time we end up on this subreddit now, but what can I say? I’m just constantly impressed with my ability to spell pareidolia first try at this point, so hey Can you say that you can do that? Probably, you can probably do it long before I finally figured it out and stopped having to google it. Thank goodness for Google and its ability to realize what it thinks you’re trying to say even when you don’t know how to say it.

Truly an incredible thing. Okay, anyway, let’s start off down here with who you gonna call? Ghost butter! That almost looks too perfect, like you know what I think happened here I think it arrived with this shape and then um OP or whoever took this photo went and just took a knife and did a little bit of cheating right there That’s what it’s looking like to me, now, I’m not saying someone would go on the internet and tell lies I’m just saying that, that looks to be a few little knife strokes right there It’s just, it’s a little, it’s not really blending in with the, the flow of the rest of what’s going on here but still I appreciate it because it did at least have the body.

Although, I’m sure you can turn a sort of sausage shape into many things, but you know it has little ghost arms. That’s fine. That’s fine. I think there might have been a little… post-production tampering though.

Or pre production, I should say ’cause that’s before the photo was taken. But that’s fine. Looks like ghost butter, very clever. You did it for the title and I appreciate that. Comedy and tragedy.

Why are peppers just such a gold mine for pareidolia, they seem to be the most commonly used thing.

mound of snow But still

Just go buy a pepper at the store, okay This is very, very appropriate that we have a grocery store advertisement, over here, and in fact, it has a pepper It’s just cut the wrong way though. They cut it, that way, they cut it the non-symmetrical way. Why would you do that?

Cut it vertically, not horizontally And then you get some pareidolia, and it would fit in with the subreddit And it would be very, very targeted advertising. Come on Ralph’s, don’t you want to do targeted advertising on reddit pareidolia? Like, know your market, geez!

Did I do this right? Roses are red, tomatoes are sweet, he boots too big, for he got damn feet. There’s, there’s another subreddit called boot too big, and every title, of all the posts it’s, roses are red, violets are blue, and then the title of the post is like the continuation of that and then it relates to whatever the image is so a little bit of context there for you.

Ah, I haven’t gone through that sub reddit before, in case you were wondering. It looks like, um, looks like a bit of a mob hit right there This dudes about to get tossed into a lake or something and those are about to pull him down to the bottom Fortunately for you, I believe tomatoes float so you’re gonna be in luck. Actually though, that’d be really frustrating, if, if your feet we’re floating.
And what if your body like sunk… ooh I mean, obviously you could just lay on your back, but you know, in a different universe where humans do not float, that would suck.

Like your feet are floating but you can’t… you’d have to like grab your feet I’m trying to envision how that would work, just hope to never get into that situation I wonder, is there anyone out there who is so dense in muscle mass, that they actually do sink? There’s got to be someone out there? That’s body composition is just so dense, that they, actually will not float if they lay on their back. Must exist.

Happy vegetable peeler. That’s gotta be on purpose, I feel like. Although.. ’cause, would you, is that a part that gets used for something? Is that part of the tool? Or, and see, is that a part of the tool right there?

Is that for weight savings? It’s like we’re trying to design an, an F1 vegetable peeler here You know, we gotta save weight at every possible opportunity. I think it’s just, it’s supposed to be very happy…
that you are… eating healthy things. And it’s very happy for your health, you know, and it gets you happy, that you’re being healthy, unless you’re using it for something else that’s not like veggies or something like that and it’s actually really unhealthy.

You’re using it to peel the wrapper off of like, a really difficult candy thing, to open um, in which case it should turn into a frown.
It should detect if there’s, the sugar content is too high and what you’re peeling and either be smiling or frowning Develop that. any reddit
My washing machine came. Oh.

Oh, you didn’t, you didn’t mean your washing machine was delivered, not that kind of came. You, you mean… no, you mean the other, oh Yep What I’m really wanting to know is, did you, did you desecrate your house, just for the sake of this photo? Were you like god I, how can I get this sweet karma?

Alright, you know what? I gotta just, gotta make it look like my washing machine just had a good time. But how am I gonna do that? Ah, I’ve gotta get foam all over the place. That’s fine That’s fine.

The mess is worth the karma. That really sucks Did you put like dish soap in your washing machine? ‘Cause I’ve accidentally done that, I had, I had, ah laundry or, I did it in my dishwasher not my laundry machine or, did you do an H E washing machine? And then you put in non H E I don’t know, but I did it in my dishwasher ’cause both the liquids were blue I had blue dish soap, and I had blue washer fluid, and they looked basically the same, and I just wasn’t paying attention I grabbed one.

I put it in the thing. I go back, and there’s just it’s ooo God, water and foam everywhere. Whoops. Don’t do that. Use the pouch.

That’s either pre-done detergent and stuff pouch That’s the easiest way to do it life lessons here, learn from my mistakes. Looking forward to the BBQ season! Very much I don’t know, it looks kind of happy actually that it’s, in this sort of snowy situation.

But yeah, it’s just, it’s, it’s looking, I think it’s looking back upon happier times. Back when it was actually in use. Unlike my barbecue, which has sat unused, for two and a half years. The gas line isn’t even connected.

That’s how much I do cooking. It’s a reflection of the fact that I, even if it were connected, I would, I don’t think I’d ever use it. Had a couple people say we should do a barbecue, but then I’m like yeah but I’d have to get, get the gas line connected and you know what’s much easier than going to the grocery store, getting food and doing a barbecue and do a lot of preparation having to clean up afterwards?

Lets just order, some food. Let’s order some pizza, pizza’s always pretty good, right? Yeah, can’t go wrong with that. Low and behold, everyone reading is like, you lazy sack of poop. evil onion.

That’s Evil onion.

bigger version of the

That’s, actually pretty brilliant right there. I’m not gonna. No, no, no, no, no that’s legit, that’s legit. I was gonna say, again, someone could kind of just take a little knife and do that like, the Ghostbusters one but nah, that’s, it’s, it’s gonna make you cry and it’s gonna be really pleased with itself.

That’s its mission. That’s the thing though, does cutting onions actually make you cry? ‘Cause I’ve, I’ve chopped an onion, an onion before For the sake of a article and I’ve like, taken a bite out of an onion for the sake of the article Notice how all these things are for the sake of a article and not actually cooking a meal, story of my life. But I’ve never gotten teary eyed from it at all. Anyway, my nose is itchy now.

Screw you guys, I’m going home! I don’t even know what that is. Is that like supposed to be something you tie your boat onto, except it’s on the side of a road. It’s not a light It’s not something you can lock your bike to ’cause you can just take it off I suppose you can lock your bike to that, but that’s too thick I don’t know, what in the world is that?

It’s just like an obstacle so that, God forbid, you hit a patch of ice and kind of go skidding and happen to go off the side of the road, you crash into a large metal object. Rather than just going into the nice, snowy, soft, embankment, you completely totally your vehicle, and it’s actually flipping you off It’s like yeah, I’m gonna ruin your car, and um I’m gonna be happy about it because I hate everything in the world Constantly in the state of flipping off. God damn, why is that there? Why is that there?

It serves no purpose other than to screw up your car I’m sure someone is going to elaborate on what this is, and why it’s important But, I can’t figure it out myself so obviously, you know, that’s, that’s the case. Cat on a cat. Wow.

Top comment: ‘If you put this in a larger sub like mildly interesting, you will get many free internet points’ If you I love, I love reddit.com /r/mildly What is mildly? What is this sub? Robots are coming Dilbert? I don’t, what is mildly? It exists.

I just, I I don’t know what it is Oh, anyway. Yo dawg, I heard you like cats. This Breakdancing Log. Damn dude, it’s right in the middle of doing a flare which I have always wanted to be able to do, that was It was a goal of mine. It’s not a goal of mine anymore I’ve kind of accepted that I’m never gonna be able to do a flare, ’cause I’m just not flexible enough But, I wish, the thing that sucks is even though I thought flares are the coolest, and I always wanted to do them, doing the, the mushroom thing and gymnastics when I was like 10 years old, that was my worst thing I think the most amount of circles I was ever able to do was like ten, and that was like oh my god I just did ten circles on the mushroom and the mushroom is like the thing that leads you to the pommel horse Never was I able to do the pommel horse.

I would have just whacked the hell out of my shin and I’d have been done Mm-hmm. No thank you, but man, I just, I wonder if I could do I wonder if could do circles on the mushroom now. Is it worth trying? I don’t know where I would even go, buy one?

I actually bought one and then I didn’t get any better at it, long time ago Players though, pretty cool. this office door looks like a woman ran into it looks like uh if you laid down This office door look like a woman ran into it. Looks like a, if you laid down on a bench at the gym, or in like, well if I’m laying down a bench at the gym, I always put a towel down, ’cause I am a courteous person But if it’s like a seat thing with a back on it, then I just put the towel on the back part and then when I sit down and stand back up again, you get that, everyone gets it. It’s not just me, so don’t you look at me like that Get the nice, sweat, buttcrack outline on the, you know You know how it works.
Yeah, you get that.

This is just a bigger version of the sweaty butt crack outline It’s, really does look like that Not-safe-for-work that dude, okay We can’t be-, the funny thing is it’s actually at a work, work place Someone really should mark that door though because it’s kind of inappropriate. I mean, let’s be honest here Geez, cover it up. Good morning.

Oh, that’s creepy. Jesus Christ Yeah, my mom was telling me about like, it was a couple of people who were walking back to a condo in some snowy place that they were staying, going skiing or something, and like just a mound of snow fell on them and that was it. They were, it was say, it wasn’t an icicle I initially thought it was, like when my mom started talking about the thing, I was like, oh they were, they got hit by icicle or something like that.

No it was just a mound of snow But still, it made me think of this, ’cause icicles can do that too, except I think in this case it was even more unpleasant because it was Like it wasn’t just an impact. It was, they just got buried and that That really, like, Jesus Christ Yeah, snow is scary. I haven’t been this year.

I really need to go, goddamn it I really need to go. There’s been a lot of rain actually recently, so now would be the time Go and get it in before it melts Tree giving me the stink-eye reddit.com/r/treessuckingonthings This one isn’t actually doing that, but you know, it makes me think of it I feel like you could take a picture of any birch tree out there in the world and somewhere on the tree you’re gonna find this arrangement of stuff his birch trees ‘Cause birch trees just have a million of those things on them Do birch trees just not grow branches in a ton of places? Is how it is?

Are they, they just like have a million options for branches, most of them go no, no branches are gonna form here and we’re just gonna make it look like a branch attempted to start, and then just didn’t Maybe all the birch trees have seen the just, everyone’s chopped off the branches that existed on them? Is that how it works? I’m gonna sound woefully ignorant here I’m pretty sure you can find that on many, many birch trees Carrot ’bout to drop the healthiest verse of all time This is the, I think this is my favourite image, that’s ever been posted on, on pareidolia. This is fantastic I don’t even, I want to come up with a pun That, that’s appropriate for this I don’t have any vegetable rap puns, off the top of my head I bet there exists some vegetable raps on website, if you want to go look them up Someone’s probably done a rap about how to be healthy and eat veggies and fruits and stuff like that, but this should be the mascot for it. For anything in the future, someone should create this as a character and animate it and it’ll all be based on this one photo I mean that’s gotta, that must be a really high-end, organic, carrot ’cause it’s in front of probably like a ten dollar thing of water But, that’s great I love that, photo. the suspicious chicken.

Why do I feel like I’ve seen This suspicious chicken. love that, photo
Why do I feel like I’ve seen some suspicious chicken thing at some point before? sounds very oddly specific Sounds very oddly specific I feel like this could also be part of a setup. Like did you, did you see this part down here? With these the eyes, and you’re like hmm what would complete this? Oh, I know I’ll throw a red towel on top and then that’ll be like the full-on chicken ensemble outfit get together.

I’m suspicious, of the suspicious chicken. Just like I am with the err the Ghost Butter. But, if it was not a setup, if it was not a setup, pretty good. Is-a pretty good.

You know, I wondered like, if I just walked around in my house enough, taking a close look at all the tiles, all the, you know, cracks in the wall and the- no, not the cracks in the wall, that made it sound like it’s falling apart But, other than the seahorse, in my tile, which someone has posted on pareidolia before, I wonder if, there’s got to be something else Gotta be something else.
Oh well.

Is that how it works


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